How to take care of eyelashes is always charming

How to take care of eyelashes is always charming

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful way to help you have more attractive eyes without spending too much time on makeup. So, do you know how to take care of eyelashes so that their lashes are always beautiful and beautiful without spending too much money?

Eyelash extensions are the procedure of attaching artificial eyelashes made from synthetic, silk or artificial fibers into real lashes with eyelash glue. This procedure will help you always have beautiful, thick lashes without spending time on makeup every day.

However, these lashes are only beautiful when you know how to take care of them properly. When you spend time on eyelash extensions, you can also protect the eyes and the skin around the eyes from irritating irritation.

Why should you take care of extensions?

women are eyelash extensions

Eyelashes can affect more or less the harmony of the face as well as eye health. Here are the benefits that you should learn how to maintain eyelash extensions when performing this cosmetic procedure:

1. Improve real mi health

Poor lash care can make both the natural eyelashes and the lashes easier to fall out. The eyelashes will thin and it may take a while to regrow.

When you take good care of your eyelashes, the true lashes will avoid damage and stay beautiful. Properly connected eyelashes also help keep the area around the eyes clean. This helps reduce the risk of eye infections or other uncomfortable conditions.

2. You will maintain beauty longer

The more you care for false eyelashes, the more you will maintain your beauty for a longer time. Even lashes can be as beautiful as new after 1-1.5 weeks if you follow the proper eyelash extensions guided by spa staff.

3. Reduce money and time making eyelashes

Eyelash extensions require you to go back to work, or mi mi every 2-3 weeks. This means you will spend a lot of money and time on maintaining the desired lashes.

However, taking care of your lashes properly can help you keep your lashes looking good during the waiting period until your next mi. This means the amount and amount of time you spend on this mile will be quite a lot less.

If you have too many extensions, you will need to go back often and each time going back to work will cost more. Not only that, the eyelash remodeling time can also be longer if you do not take good care of the extensions.

Spa staff can take about 2 hours to remake even the eyelashes that have fallen out rather than only 1 hour for beautiful lashes thanks to good care.

Note when taking care of extensions

Durable eyelashes when taken care of

If you do not know how to keep the eyelashes long and thick, you can refer to the note about what to do and should not do after eyelash extensions.

Things to do after eyelash extensions

You need to note the following after taking care of new eyelashes so that they are always durable and safe for eye health.

• Avoid wetting your eyelashes: The most important eyelash care on the first day after you do this beauty method. For 24 hours after eyelash extensions, you need to avoid getting your eyelashes in contact with agents that could make your eyelashes wet like water, oil, steam, etc. These agents will make the eyelashes less durable as expected.

• Using an eyelash brush: You can gently brush the lashes with a lash brush every day. This tool will help you adjust the lashes are not in place instead of having to touch the eyelashes directly with your hand.

• Reconnecting eyelashes periodically: An important part of taking care of eyelashes is to schedule your eyelashes every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain beautiful, thick lashes. After each eyelash extension, you should listen to the instructions of the spa staff to have a more appropriate way to take care of eyelashes.

• Clean the lashes thoroughly: You should clean the eyelashes every 1-2 days to avoid infection and eye irritation. How to clean eyelash extensions according to the following instructions:

– Remove eye makeup with makeup remover containing no oil and glycol because these substances can cause eyelashes to fall more easily. If you want to remove the eyeliner, you can use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and then put the cotton swab across the line. This will help you minimize the impact on your extensions. For a hard-to-remove foundation, use a suitable makeup remover, but avoid the eye area.

– Close your eyes, wet the eyes and take some water to clean the eyelashes, create a lather then gently use hygienic eye area.

– Rinse the eye area and wipe dry gently. At this time, your eyelashes can be moist and stick together but this is normal. You can use the eyelash brush to adjust the lashes into place.

Things not to do after eyelash extensions

If you want to have the right eyelash extensions connected, you should also note the following:

– Avoid using petroleum based products on or around the eyes. For example, you need to avoid using mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, makeup remover or oil-based cleanser.

– Avoid curling, dyeing or exposing your eyelashes to high temperatures. These can damage the delicate eyelash extensions.

– Try not to rub or touch your eyes to ensure hygiene for this area. If you want to adjust the lashes, use a lash brush.

– Avoid the habit of pulling your extensions with your fingers as this can make it easier for your lashes to fall out.

Eyelashes will help you immediately have big, attractive eyes on Tet holiday without spending too much time on makeup every day. However, you need to know how to take care of your eyelashes properly, so your lashes can look beautiful for a long time without needing to be refilled. Careful eyelash extensions also help keep the eyes clean and avoid uncomfortable conditions.


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