How to switch Facebook to the old interface when not familiar with the new interface

How to switch Facebook to the old interface when not familiar with the new interface

Many users want to switch Facebook to the old interface because they can not get used to it, find it difficult to use Facebook on the new interface. fruit.

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The new interface is officially updated by Facebook to users from March 19, 2020 with a cleaner and simpler design. Especially in the web version, this social network also adds a dark mode. Job change the Facebook background to black help reduce screen glare, relax the user’s eyes.

How to switch facebook to chat when not used to new interface

Instructions on how to switch the old Facebook interface

However, for some reason you do not want to use the new Facebook 2020 interface, you can switch to the old interface. Manipulation transfer old Facebook interface Also relatively simple, users see detailed instructions in the content below.

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How to switch the old Facebook interface

Option 1: (or)
Method 2:

Option 1: For Facebook interface, the function of switching to the old interface does not appear
Step 1: On the Google chrome browser, you go to the utility to convert to the old interface Old Layout for Facebook: HERE
Step 2: At the interface of the newly accessed utility (Extension), you look to the right and select it Add to Chrome.
1 message will then appear, press Add extension to agree to add this add-on to your browser.
how to talk about facebook communication
Step 3: Visit the Facebook page again, at this point you will see your personal page return to the old interface.
communication on facebook
In case you want to change the look of Facebook to a new interface, you look up horizontal toolbar Chrome -> Click on White arrow icon xan backgroundh -> Check the feature: New Layout
extension on facebook communication
Press the F5 button on the keyboard, will immediately switch to the newest Facebook interface today.
the fastest way to talk about facebook communication
In case you don’t want to use this extension anymore, you can remove it from Chrome by: Right click on the white arrow icon with a blue background -> Select function Remove frome Chrome -> Press Remove to confirm deletion.
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Method 2: For Facebook interface appears text: Switch to regular Facebook

Step 1: Proceed to login Facebook account from your computer browser.
Step 2: At the working interface of Facebook, click the button Account (Account) have nose icon name pointing down in the left corner of the screen.
Step 3: In the drop-down menu, you make your choice Switch to regular Facebook (Switch to classic Facebook for 48 hours)

How to use Facebook to chat when you are not used to new topics 2

Step 4: At this time, Facebook will display a notice board with the content Did you go back to the old version for lack of features? (Are you switching back because of missing features?)

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+ In case you want to return to the old version because of lack of features, you choose to enter Have (Yes) and select the missing features on this new interface such as: Photos, message boards, friend invitations, settings … Share as much details as possible about the limited features for Facebook to improve. More in item: Can you tell us what’s missing (Can you let us know what’s missing?)

how to convert facebook to communication

+ In case you want to revert to the old version simply because the new interface is not adaptable, you can choose to Are not (No). You can share information about why you want to go back to old friends (If you want) in the section OK, why did you go back to the old version? (Okay, why are you switching back?) For Facebook to improve. After selecting the information, you choose to enter To send (Submit)

New ways to communicate with Facebook

Immediately, your Facebook will return to the familiar interface before.

How to use Facebook when you are not familiar with the new interface 3
Users note, the transfer of Facebook to the old interface to use is only a temporary solution. By the end of 2020, Facebook will officially apply this default interface for users. Therefore, Taimienphi recommends that you take the time to get used to this new interface slowly.


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