How to swap values ​​between cells, rows, columns in Excel

How to swap values ​​between cells, rows, columns in Excel

With Microsoft Excel, you have cells filled with data that you may need to swap between cells or even between rows and columns. Fortunately, Excel has a swap function that allows you to swap values ​​in cells easily.

Swap values ​​between cells

Step 1: You open the Excel file that you want to swap cells, columns, or rows.

Step 2: Select the cell, row, or column you want to swap and hold the . key Shift.

Step 3: Next, click on the rightmost border of the cell and drag it outside. Do not release the Shift key. You can see in the image below that when you drag the pointer out, it changes to a different shape depending on where the cursor is.

Step 4: When the cursor becomes a thick horizontal ‘I’ at the end of an adjacent cell, it swaps the cell’s value with the cell below that line. Likewise, if you move it to the top of an adjacent cell and it turns into a thick horizontal ‘I’ shape at the top, the cell’s value will be swapped with the one above the adjacent cell.

However, if you drag it to the right of an adjacent cell and the cursor turns into a thick ‘I’, the contents of the selected cell will be swapped with those in the adjacent cell as shown in the image above.

Swap values ​​between rows and columns

To swap values ​​between rows and columns, select an entire row or column, then hold down the . key Shift before dragging the cursor to the row or column where you want to swap its values.

Release the Shift key and the mouse button when you have positioned the cursor where you want to swap the contents of the row/column.

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