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How To Stop Sweating: Best Tips, Tricks, Products

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* Solutions you may not have heard of for dealing with sweat 
* Ingenious hygiene hacks
* From stay-dry armpit pads to herbal remedies

Looking for a way to deal with excess sweat? Or seeking the latest in smell-good freshness for those who go hard? No sweat! Here are six hacks from the world of ingenious moisture mitigation, from high tech to surprisingly simple.

Whether it’s the report that we may soon be headed for a global climate not seen since the Miocene– that is, when horses were the size of dogs and there was no such thing as a human, or even a great ape– of if you’re ramping up your spring cross fit or HIIT routine, here are some solutions to the sweat crisis. They may not keep planet earth to 1.5-degrees of warming, but at least you’ll smell like it.

1. Thompson Tee Men’s Undershirt

An ordinary undershirt at first glance, these T-shirts are not only ultra-soft and lightweight but they have hidden “hydro-shield” sweat-blocking pads, so they won’t get awful pit stains.

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2. Kleinert’s Underarm Pads

These disposable, hypoallergenic sweat pads are claimed to block odors as well as keep clothing safe from stains.

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3. Sweat Block

Billed as “clinical strength” antiperspirant, this sweat block offers heavy-duty odor protection in the form of disposable wipes that are said to calm the symptoms of hyperhydrosis.

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4. Neck Sweat Pads

If you’re getting collared by neck sweat, these wipes will help preserve your shirts, lapels and hats, as well as your dignity.

Neck sweat padsCourtesy Amazon


5. Neat Feat Antiperspirant

Designed for the active and the sweat prone, this “face saver” antiperspirant is more intense version of your typical combination deodorant/ antiperspirant, using the same active ingredient. If you sweat like your former lead council is testifying to congress, regular antiperspirant might not cut it.

antiperspirantCourtesy Amazon


6. Nu-Derm Epi Dry

These herbal hyperhidrosis pills contain chamomile, valerian and B vitamins and reviews say it works to relieve night sweats and helps chill out excessive nervous sweating. While we’re not doctors and can’t speak to the medical evidence for its effectiveness, some of these ingredients do have noted anti-anxiety effects.

epi dry herbal antiperspirantCourtesy Amazon

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