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How to start trading stocks online

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With the world turning its attention to active Wallstreetbets, the trend of the moment is to invest in GameStop Stock (GME). Influential celebrities like Elon Musk have already been involved in posts with the Gamestonk hashtag and contributed to Reddit forums to carry out operations. This article is not about how to research which stocks to invest in, or how to invest in stocks, and is not intended to provide trading advice. It just shows you how to start trading stocks online with Revolut or how to start trading stocks with a Robinhood account.

  • Investment for beginners

  • How to trade stocks online with brokers

  • How to trade stocks online with Robinhood

For more detailed information on stock trading, it is recommended that you research this investment and be fully aware of the financial implications of trading.

Investment for beginners

This article will not cover everything you need to learn about online stock trading for beginners, but it is important that you know a few important questions:

  • What is an investment?
  • How do stock markets work?
  • What kind of feedback can I expect?
  • Is investing right for me?
  • How much should I invest?
  • What is a fund?
  • How do I research what to invest in?

Ultimately, only you can decide whether or not you want to take the risk and invest. You need to educate yourself to be fully aware of the implications of investing. Search and choose an online broker suited to your needs. And finally, search for the stocks you want to buy.

How to trade stocks online with brokers

There are several brokerage apps that allow you to buy and sell shares, both in Brazil and abroad. One of them is that of XP Investimentos, one of the most used and recognized brokers in the country. To learn more about the operations and download the app, click here.

There is also Rico, another broker recognized for the quality of its services and for charging zero brokerage fees. This is the website, where you can download the app and register.

How to trade stocks online with Robinhood

Robinhood is a way to invest in shares abroad from your smartphone.

After downloading the app from the link above, just register and receive an email confirming your approval. After submitting the necessary information to open your account, you can start sending money and start trading.

This article was written before Robinhood actively limited the trading of GameStop and other shares. Some online brokers alternative to Robinhood are Avenue and Passfolio.

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