How to sort videos and playlists on YouTube

YouTube has become one of the everyday tools we use every day, and it has been shown to be universal. The world’s largest streaming video platform has the necessary content to satisfy most people. Therefore, Google knows that it must integrate new features to improve the user experience.

Improvements in thumbnails, commitment to privacy, new tabs … Google has made a lot of changes on YouTube over the past few months. Accompanied by the great company G, they know very well that this application is considered to be one of the most powerful applications in the world, so they are willing to provide users with the best innovation. In this case, we discuss a new feature that will make everything easier. Yes, videos and playlists can now be sorted and we will show you how.

Order videos as needed

So far, YouTube has only enforced the option of reversing time in playlists, and even for this part, these videos are not there. However, the platform integrates a set of changes that you can use to customize the order of videos and playlists. They decided to grab more visibility from Google so they could prioritize the videos they considered most important at any time.

To perform this process, all we have to do is click on the Sort By window that appears at the top of the relevant channel and choose between the following options:

Most popular: If we want to watch the most visited videos first.

Date of recording (earliest): from the earliest to the latest video.

Date of recording (latest): from the most recent video to the oldest video.

The same is true for each channel’s playlist. Although in this case, the options available are slightly different.

Creation date (oldest): The oldest list is listed first.

Creation date (latest): The latest list takes precedence.

Last Added Video: A playlist containing videos.

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