How to solve the blind spot in 14-year-old girl's super-creative car without a driver's license - Photo 1.

How to solve the blind spot in super-creative cars of 14-year-old girls who do not yet have a driver's license

Using some relatively inexpensive and readily available technology that you can find at any electronics store, Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old inventor from West Grove, Pennsylvania, smartly introduced it. to eliminate blind spots created by the side frames of car windshields.

Gassler was too young to have a driver's license and never really knew the annoyance of looking around that was obstructed by this frame while driving, but that didn't stop the girl from trying to solve a problem. problems that automakers have overlooked.

Her solution was to install an outward webcam outside the car windshield pillar, and then project the image directly from that camera into the pillar. The 3D printed parts allow her to perfectly align the projected image so that it blends seamlessly with the external image, essentially making the frame invisible.

Initiative to eliminate blind spots in cars.

Her invention is part of a project called "Improving automobile safety by eliminating blind spots," which Gassler presented at Broadcom MASTERS Science and Technology Association. The invention earned her the top prize, the Samueli Foundation, and helped her with a $ 25,000 reward.

The solution to eliminate blind spots on cars

Gassler's invention is not yet ready to be widely installed on vehicles, but technologies are available and the installation is simple.

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Of course, this feature will increase the price of the car and if actually offered as an option, automakers will certainly sell it as a premium upgrade. more time for technology to become cheaper and eventually become a standard feature that automakers equip their products.

Reference: Gizmodo

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