How to set up your Wi-Fi connection in Windows
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How to set up your Wi-Fi connection in Windows

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Microsoft has integrated a Wi-Fi agent called Zero Configuration into its Windows operating system. See in this tip how to activate and configure your Wi-Fi connection from it in the step by step below.

  • How to enable the Wi-Fi service at PC startup

  • How to enable Windows network management

  • How to configure the network

  • What would be the possible mistakes

How to enable the Wi-Fi service at PC startup

To work with Zero Configuration, the Wi-Fi service must be activated during startup. We will check this setting or change it if necessary. Open the Run (Windows + R), type the command


and press Enter:

A window with all local Windows services will appear. In this list, look for the service Automatic WLAN configuration. Right-click on it and then click properties.

In the window that opens, you will have two adjustments to make. In Startup type, select the option Automatic. Already in Service status, confirm that the information is Running. If not, click the button Start. Once this is done, validate with OK and close the open windows.

How to enable Windows network management

After enabling the automatic wireless configuration service, you must enable Windows network management. To do this, open the Control Panel and go to net and sharing central > View network connections.

On icon Wireless network connection, right-click and select properties. Then click on the tab Wireless networks. At the top of the window, check the box Use Windows to set … and click OK to validate:

How to configure the network

This is most important part of the operation. When you get here, you should already have all the necessary elements, defined by your access point, to make this configuration.

They are the SSID, which can be visible (simplifying the configuration) or hidden (in this case, find it), and the protection key, which can be a WEP or WPA key, depending on the configuration of your access point.

First, check your computer’s networks. Open the list of Wi-Fi networks detected by the PC. Click on the one you want to access and, if any, enter your password and make the connection. Within seconds, you will be connected and able to browse.

If the network was not detected, we will have to add a configuration profile to the agent. Go back to the Control Panel and Wireless network connection, right-click to open the properties.

At the bottom of the page, click Add. A window will open asking for the SSID (network name). Once this is done, check the option Data encryption selecting WEP or WPA, depending on your configuration. After entering the password, validate with OK twice. There, you are already connected. You can close all windows and start browsing.

What would be the possible mistakes

Windows cannot connect, the network may be unavailable: here, the signal is not sufficient or is unstable to establish a correct Wi-Fi connection. The possible causes are the same as those for an unstable connection. In this regard, you can consult the tip Disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi.

I found another problem: try to find the solution in the tip on the use of Wi-Fi adapters and any problems.

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