How to set up cheap intercom system

How to set up cheap intercom system

Have you ever wished you could just press a button to get everyone in the house to have dinner? What if you could wake all the kids every morning without having to knock on each door? You can buy intercom systems for hundreds of dollars or just set up an inexpensive intercom with home-made equipment. Here is how to do it!

Use smartphone

If you want to create an intercom at home but don’t want to buy any additional hardware, using a smartphone might be the right choice. Most likely, everyone in your home has their own phone.

To use your phone as a intercom, you will need to download the radio application. These applications allow you to send voice messages to other phones at the touch of a button on the screen.

Don’t expect these apps to function like a real radio. True radios use radio waves to transmit messages, while these applications use data connections. They cannot send messages to actual radios, only to other phones.

Some of the most popular apps you can get for Android or iOS are Zello, Voxer and VoicePing.


When you download the application to your phone, create a group. Then add contact information for all phone owners. Start a voice chat with the group by touching the microphone and talking. Everyone with the app will receive a notification that they have new messages.

This method of creating an intercom allows the recipient to send you a private message, unlike many of the other systems discussed below.

Use Bluetooth

Another way to communicate with people in your home with a message is to set up multiple Bluetooth speakers around the house and use the Bluetooth speaker application to play your voice from the phone.

Bluetooth speakers are very popular these days. You can buy good quality speakers for only $ 25 (VND 750,000).

One drawback of this method of creating this intercom is that it works only one way. So you can announce that dinner is ready, but you can’t receive a reply.

To send a voice to a Bluetooth device, you need to have one of these applications installed on your phone.

  • Bluetooth Loudspeaker for Android

  • Mic To Speaker for Android

  • Live Microphone for iOS

  • Live Microphone & Announcement Mic for Android / Live Microphone & Announcement Mic for iOS

To stream the message, open the app and connect your phone to the speaker you want to use. Then press the button on the app and speak into the phone. Your voice will be streamed directly through the speaker.

Use smart speakers

Use smart speakers
Use smart speakers

If you already have a Google Home or Alexa speaker, you can create notifications that will emit for all other smart speakers in the house. You do not need any additional equipment or applications to do this. You use the commands to give instructions to the speaker.

For Google Home devices, you use Google Assistant to activate playback. Just say “OK, Google. Broadcast, arranged time for supper ”. Everything you say after the word “Broadcast” will be played back through all speakers.

Alexa has two different commands that you can use to broadcast on the system. Both words, “Announce that” and “Broadcast”, will send a message containing all the words after the command.

Using smart speakers is also a one-way communication. You cannot get answers. However, users can give Google or Alexa a notification command, but feedback will be sent to all speakers, not just for what you have used.

There is no best option to create an intercom for your home. Everything depends on what equipment you already own or what you are willing to buy. Whether or not you want to receive a private answer is also important. Whichever method you choose to create this system, the convenience of sending a message to everyone in your home without having to repeat it with each person can be worth a try.


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