How to set up a new iPhone

How to set up a new iPhone

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer

Whether you buy your iPhones in stores or you order them online, you still need to be connected to iTunes to be able to install and operate them.

Download iTunes to the computer.

Doing so may allow you to transfer information and data (including music collections and more). In addition, when you want to replace your old iPhone with a newer one, you can transfer all data (including music, pictures, contacts, and applications) from your old device to it. new machine.

You need to install iTunes before starting. If you already have iTunes on your device, you need to make sure that iTunes has been updated to the latest version. To check, open iTunes and select the item Help, then select Check for updates.

Once you are sure that your iTunes has been updated to the latest version, you should connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. You will see the mobile device software installed automatically on your computer (in case you have not installed those software), then iTunes will operate the software.

If you are connecting to a new iPhone, you will see a message saying Let’s Get Started. That’s when you need to register and log in to your iTunes account.

Choose Tiếp tục.

Step 2: Accept the terms to allow use of iPhone software

You will see the contract allowing users to use iPhone software appear. You need to accept it to be able to continue using the software.

Read the contract carefully, then choose I have read and agree to the iPhone Software License Agreement.

Choose tiếp tục.

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID (or create a new one)

You need Apple ID to be able to download products or applications from the iTunes store to your device. If you already use iTunes on your computer, you can use the same Apple ID for your phone.

If you do not have Apple ID, you need to enter some basic information (name, age, address, …) to create one Apple ID new.

If you had Apple ID then (usually your email address), please log in.

Step 4: Register your iPhone

Fill in the information needed to register your iPhone, including name and address. Some of that information may have been entered if you entered it Apple ID come in.

Confirm the information you have entered then press Submit.

Step 5: Set up your iPhone

If you’ve never owned an iPhone, you’ll have to reset it from scratch for the new iPhone. Or if you have owned an iPhone before, you can restore data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone; This allows you to transfer some apps and information to your new iPhone.

If you choose to set up a new iPhone, you can name it and then decide which information to sync your iPhone each time you connect to your computer. For example, you can choose to synchronize automatically or manually, and you can decide to mark the synchronization with browsers from your computer screen or with contacts and calendar from Outlook.

If you choose to set up a new iPhone, go to step 6.

If you choose to restore data for a new iPhone, tap that option and select tiếp tục. Note that if you do, your new iPhone will essentially replace the old iPhone in iTunes; It will have the same name and all the data from the old iPhone will be transferred to the new one.

If you decide to restore your iPhone data from an old iPhone, go to step 8.

Step 6: Set up a new iPhone in iTunes

Name your iPhone. This allows you to identify your iPhone when connected to iTunes.

You can choose to synchronize your contacts, calendar, browser bookmarks, notes and e-mail accounts to your iPhone in this screen. When doing this the system will synchronize the information that has been stored on the desktop. If you want to access another e-mail account or other contacts, you can reset it on your phone later.

Once you choose tiếp tục, you will see an iPhone sync notification pop up on your screen. Let it run completely, and never disconnect the iPhone during the process.

Set up a new iPhone in iTunes

Step 7: Sync iPhone information

When the sync process is completed, you will see a summary screen on iTunes. You can see all the basic information about your phone.

If this is your first time using iTunes, you can put your music, videos and photos into iTunes, then sync them with your iPhone. If you already have those in iTunes, you can choose which information or documents (including music, apps, pictures) you want to sync with your iPhone.

Once you have decided which information to synchronize, select sync in the lower right corner of the iTunes window. You should see a message pop up on your iPhone screen that is in the process of syncing; Absolutely do not disconnect iPhone to the computer during the process.

After the synchronization process is completed, you can move on to step 10.

Sync iPhone information

Step 8: Start the data recovery process

If you decide to restore data from an old iPhone, tap tiếp tục. You will then see a notification on your computer screen Restore in Progress

This process may take several minutes. Do not disconnect iPhone or iTunes during the process.

Before the music sync process, you will see a message asking to share information with Apple. You may or may not agree to share this information. Then choose tiếp tục.

Step 9: Sync content with your iPhone

All the apps, pictures, music and videos you’ve restored from your old iPhone will now be transferred to your new iPhone. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours, depending on how much data you have in your phone.

Absolutely do not turn off iTunes or disconnect iPhone during the process.

Step 10: Disconnect your iPhone

You will know when the synchronization is completed when a message appears on iTunes and when the text Sync in Progress disappear from your phone screen.

After the sync process is finished, you can disconnect the iPhone and start using.

Good luck!


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