Cách đặt Google Chrome làm trình duyệt mặc định trên iPhone

How to set Google Chrome as default browser on iPhone

(Techz.vn) Surely many readers are wondering how to set Google Chrome as the default browser on iPhone/iPad. The following article will tell you this trick.

Previously, users who wanted to open a link from an application had to go through the Safari browser. But on iOS 14, Apple allows users to change the default web browser. The steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Of course, you have to download the Chrome browser on the App Store here

Step 2:

Open Settings > Google Chrome > Default Browser App

Step 3:

Change the Safari option to Chrome like the image below

After completing the above steps, all access links from other applications will open the default browser as Chrome, instead of Safari as before. Of course, you can still change the default browser of Safari to Chrome by doing the same operation and selecting again.

Note that, currently, Apple only supports the only browser selected as the default, Chrome. Other 3rd party browsers are not yet supported by Apple.


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