How to set a password for PDF files on your PC fastest

How to set a password for PDF files on your PC fastest

Set a password for PDF files on your PC, your computer will help you to protect data, images in your PDF documents, then store or share PDF files on the Internet will be safe and more security, in case you send it by mistake or get used by a bad guy.

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To set a password for the PDF file We can not install it directly, but must be through a support software, other applications. And there are many options to be able to set a password for the PDF file. In this article we will send you one of the ways to password set PDF files with the simplest instructions that no one can do.

password for pdf file

How to set a password for a PDF file on a computer

Maybe you do not know the recent versions of Word when it supports reading PDF files very well and we can password create PDF files by Word, through Word supports PDF and Word also has a password setting feature, so how to create PDF password in Word and use it to set a password for the PDF file How do see the article below.

Instructions to set a password for PDF files

Step 1: First you just open the Word file as usual and then click File .

remove pdf file

Step 2: In the Menu that appears you select Open >Browse to navigate to the PDF file for which you want to set a password.

Data password for pdf file

Click to select the PDF file and then click Open But before that you must adjust to the mode to receive PDF Files on the date above.

Data pdf file

Step 3: There is a message asking you to wait a moment before the file is finished opening.

Dat pass for PDF file

Step 4: After the file is opened you just need to click Save As >Browse to proceed to save the file is okay.

Dat pass for PDF file on pc

Step 5: Here you choose the format to save as PDF and then click on the section Options .

password for pdf file

At Options, check the item Encrypt the document with a password to be able to set a password for the PDF file.

guide password for pdf files

Step 6: Next, you just need to type in the password and confirm the password again.

Remove password for pdf file in word

Step 7: Then try to close the file and then open it again to see if the password setting for the PDF file has been completed.

Guidance protection for fastest pdf files

Above is how to set a password for PDF files, helping you quickly have a secure PDF file and do not worry about being peeped by someone, even if you get it. Even in the case of your PDF file being password broken, don’t worry because this is not a normal PDF file password, but it encrypts the file, making the file always in encrypted state. chemical.
So there will be no way to type a complete PDF password if you use Encrypt encryption to set the password, so readers can completely rest assured and use this way to not worry. remove PDF password or other similar actions to your file.


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