How to set a password for Notes app on iOS 11
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How to set a password for Notes app on iOS 11

The security of important information on the phone is always a top concern of users. Apple also understands what its customers want, so it has set a security feature for Notes – an application that records what needs to be done or sensitive information that users do not want anyone to see. In this article, the Network Administrator will guide you to set the password for Notes Notes on iOS 11.

Create a password for the Notes app on iOS 11

To get started, you’ll need to open the Notes app on your iPhone device. On a specific note you want to create a password, swipe left of the screen. Here, I will create a password for a note named Serial Numbers.

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Create passwords for notes Serial NumbersOn the Serial Numbers note, swipe the screen from right to left

You will be taken to the password entry screen to unlock all or any notes you want to password protect. Enter the password as instructed, then click Done in the top right corner of the screen.

Enter the password protection and click Done

You will then be taken back to the main Notes application interface. Here, you will see the padlock icon next to the note – it will be unlocked.

Lock icon opens next to the noteClick Lock Now to lock the note

To lock the application, click Lock Now at the bottom of the screen.

At this point, the note is locked and the note you can see before it disappears, instead of the content called Locked.

When you want to open the locked note, click View Note.

Click View Note to unlock the note

If you use Touch ID, you only need to press the Home button to unlock it, otherwise you can choose Enter Password to enter the password.

Click Enter Password to enter the password or use Touch ID

After entering the password, you can view your note and if you want to lock it, click the open lock icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click the open keychains to lock the note

You can also return to the main Notes application screen and click Lock Now at the bottom of the screen to lock all open notes at once.

To completely remove the password protection from the note, swipe it as if you wanted to create a password and click the gray lock icon again.

Note: If you sync notes between different Apple devices with iCloud, when locking a note, it means that you also lock it on other devices and vice versa.

Good luck!


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