How to send files via Viber on PC

How to send files via Viber on PC

Viber is one of the applications quite familiar to smartphone devices. Viber not only helps users to make free calls but also helps users send files easily. Not only using smart phones, you can also install and use Viber on your computer as well as send files via Viber on your PC very simply and easily with just a few steps that ElectrodealPro instructs right below.

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Viber and Zalo are the two leading free messaging apps today. But to consider support on PC, the Viber is somewhat superior Zalo Thanks to the features of sending and receiving files, like … almost similar to mobile phones.

Send file in viber

Use Viber on computers, laptops, if you have English language, please follow the instructions Viber language change. With this article, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to send files via Viber on PC.

How to send files via Viber on PC

Preparation tools:

Download Viber on PC and install. If you do not know how you can refer to the article on how to using Viber on the computer, latpop.

Step 1: In the conversation view. Right click and select Send Photo or Send File to send photos or data.

Step 2: Want to delete sent messages. Choose Delete for myself.

Step 3: Want to forward a message or file. Right click and select Forward via Viber.
Above are the basic instructions for users after registering and using Viber on PC. Also, please refer to how Sign out of Viber on the computer to avoid the situation that when lending to others will reveal all of your information


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