How to sell on Facebook effectively

How to sell on Facebook effectively

Selling on Facebook is one of the most used online businesses. But in fact, there are many people who do not understand how to sell on Facebook effectively, do not know the skills to help attract and entice customers. Refer to the below shares of to make selling on Facebook more convenient!

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According to experts from sales management software on Facebook (website With the largest number of users in the world, social network Facebook has become an online selling market that any business wants to exploit. However, many people selling on Facebook still do not have many customers because they do not have the skills to sell on Facebook to attract new customers and retain loyal customers. Even, still many people do not know how to use Facebook to sell goods. For that reason, today, would like to provide you an effective way to sell on Facebook for your reference!

How you can shop on facebook understand it

How to sell on Facebook effectively

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Article Contents:
1. Where is the best place to sell on Facebook?
2. How to sell goods on Facebook effectively.
2.1. How to sell via Facebook Fanpage.

2.2. How to sell through posts.
2.3. How to sell through Facebook Ads.

1. Where is the best place to sell on Facebook?

Currently, when using Facebook to sell online, you can take advantage of “zodiac places” such as: Fanpage, Post (Facebook posts) and Facebook Ads (Facebook Ads). Accordingly, you can use one of these 3 places to sell or combine all 3 to reach customers and promote your products to the best customers, increasing your profits.

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2. How to sell goods on Facebook effectively

For you to know how to sell on Facebook effectively, we would like to guide you and share experiences with all 3 sales forms mentioned above. Read on!

2.1. How to sell goods on Facebook effectively through Facebook Fanpage

You know how to use it on facebook

When using Facebook Fanpage to sell on Facebook, you should note the following points:

Add CTA button to Facebook Fanpage: One of the principles to optimize website for sales is to make customers visit and interact with your page better and the same goes for Fanpage selling on Facebook. You can add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your page. The clearer your information, the clearer your CTA, the higher your percentage of customer access. Popular CTA buttons are “Send message”, “Buy now”, “Shop now”, “sign up now”, …

Direct Facebook users to your Landing Page: In the Fanpage sales posts or regular shares, you should add the link of your product landing pages so that customers can learn more details about your product and even is a quick purchase.

Add customer reviews to the About us section: When buying or selling any goods, most customers will refer to the reviews and reviews of customers who have purchased those goods before buying. So selling on Facebook, you should take advantage of this to build trust with customers.

Good customer care: This is very important because it allows you to turn potential customers into real customers, and keep loyal customers. Accordingly, every time a customer interacts with your sales post on the Fanpage by leaving a comment or inbox for the page, you should take a lot of time to give good advice to customers, even if they decide. intend to buy or not.

2.2. How to sell on Facebook effectively through posts

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When selling on Facebook through posts, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Time: Your posts should be mindful of timing. The first factor of time here is relative to the article content. You should take advantage of the holidays to get customers to pay more attention to your sales post. For example, on March 8, you can talk a little about holidays before directing customers to find out about your product / service.

Not only that, but also when posting sales posts need special attention. You should post the sale at the moment when the most customers are online so your chances of reaching customers will be higher. Accordingly, instead of posting at night or dawn, a time supposedly less Facebook users, you should post at a time when people rest after tiring working hours like after lunch, dinner will much more suitable.

Show interest in your customers and at the same time promote your products: You still write articles about product features or anything related to your product that you want your customers to know, but don’t forget to show interest in your customers. In the article or video you post, add a sentence like: “If you need more help / advice, please leave your phone number / comment …. down below the article”. Sayings like this will help customers feel your interest and if there is a real need for your product, they are ready to follow the request as you mentioned.

Divide 80:20 by the article content: The content of your articles should be 80:20, 80% for customer educational content and 20% for your sales content. The educational content here can be advice and guidance for your prospective clients. These are the content that users love and share a lot and as a result, more users will know your post, your page, your brand and products. Then, you can integrate and mention your sales content by calling customers to refer to your product or visit your landing page, product homepage.

2.3. How to sell goods on Facebook effectively through Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads in Vietnamese is Facebook Ads is also considered a useful means to assist sellers in marketing and selling. When using Facebook Ads to sell products, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Focus on what your customers are thinking about: When creating Facebook advertising strategies for sales, you need to imagine what your customers will think, need, and expect when buying your product and focus on writing content that is relevant to those issues. that problem. It is like the client will be very grateful to you if you bring them an umbrella when it rains. Think-oriented content will excite customers to click on your ads more. And of course, your chances of selling your product are also much higher.

Communicate clearly: Every customer needs an incentive to click on your Facebook Ads. Therefore, you need to convey to your customers “why should they buy” after your promotional message. For many businesses (especially retailers and e-commerce), the easiest way to encourage customers to click is through content about discounts or coupons that customers can’t find anywhere else. anywhere else.

Impressive advertising design:
In order for your Facebook ad to stand out and engage customers, you need to design it to be impressive. Please note the following:
– Choose bright colors (you can even add borders)
– Contains attractive words to customers such as: “free”, “discount”, …
– If possible, add icons, icons, … to make it easier for customers to follow
– The title is short and concise


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