How to scan QR codes on Google Chrome
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How to scan QR codes on Google Chrome

QR codes are now applied to many different types of products, not just for items that websites use a lot. And normally to scan QR codes, users will need to use specialized scanning software. However, if your device has Chrome installed, you will immediately be able to use the newly updated QR code scanning feature for this browser.

Accordingly, with iOS devices that have the latest Chrome browser installed, the QR code scanning feature is already available in the browser to use, without the need for a support application. Besides, if you want to scan the QR code on your computer, you only need to install the support utility to finish. The following article will guide you how to scan QR codes on Chrome.

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1. Instructions for scanning QR codes on Chrome iPhone

If your iPhone supports 3D Touch function scanning the QR code on Chrome is very simple.

Step 1:

We touch and Click the Google Chrome icon on the device screen to activate Chrome Touch 3D. At this point the device will vibrate slightly and display a pop-up with a list of options for the browser, click Scan the QR code.

Hold down the Chrome iconSelect scan QR code

Step 2:

Displays the interface to allow users Chrome Use the camera on the device, Click OK to agree. Ngau will then display the QR code scanning interface.

Use the cameraScan the QR code

We just need to put the camera in the middle of the QR code for Chrome to scan. The result will display the website address for the user to access. The information displayed when scanning a QR code is very diverse such as phone numbers, emails, or maybe personal accounts, …

Display content Content access

In case iPhone does not support 3D Touch you can still scan QR codes on Chrome very simply.

At the search bar on your iPhone Enter chrome keyword qr and show results Scan the QR code to click. Immediately after that, a user interface is required to allow the use of the camera. Next you just need to scan the QR code.

Search for ChromeAccess the cameraQR code identification

The content of the QR code is also displayed shortly for us to check.

URL contentAccess website

2. How to scan QR codes on Chrome PC

Step 1:

To scan the QR code on the Chrome browser, users install the QR Code extension by following the link below.

  • Download the QR Code Chrome extension

Install the utility

Step 2:

Next Right-click on the QR code Want to scan content, select QR Code (Generator and Reader) then select continue Scan QR Code.

Select scan QR code

Step 3:

Display the content of the QR code. If is the website address will pop-up display As shown below, click Ok to access.

Content pop-up

So when we upgrade to the latest iPhone / iPad, Chrome will use the QR code scanning feature to quickly access content. With Chrome on your PC, you only need to install the QR Code extension to identify the QR code.

I wish you successful implementation!


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