How to Save a PowerPoint Presentation to a Flash Drive
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How to Save a PowerPoint Presentation to a Flash Drive

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Although there are currently several cloud file storage services, the use of pendrives remains very useful as it allows you to open documents on other computers even if there is no internet connection. Keeping your files saved on a flash drive is also important for security reasons, such as a backup.

How to store a PowerPoint file on the flash drive

First of all, connect your pendrive into one of the computer’s USB ports. You should also check that the key clear it is enough to store your PowerPoint document. They are not usually very large. Thus, it is difficult that there is no space on the pendrive to save it.

You now have two options. The first is to open your presentation in PowerPoint and click on File> Save As. In the window that opens, select your flash drive and save directly to the unit. You must assign a name to the file, which can be the same used to save the content on your PC or in the cloud.

You can also make this save without opening PowerPoint. To do this, access the File Explorer and locate where the document is stored. Click on it and use Ctrl + C to copy it. Then, go to the flash drive and use Ctrl + V to paste the document. The drag and drop method will also work.

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