How to Repair Windows Boot Failure

How to Repair Windows Boot Failure

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If your computer runs on the Windows system, you may occasionally encounter the error message Failed to initialize the system configuration. This problem, caused by malfunctioning software, can be solved without major difficulties. See how to solve this problem.

How to resolve Windows boot

To fix this startup problem, click on the keys Windows + R to open in Run and enter the command msconfig. Once this is done, press the key Enter:

The window System setup will appear. Open the tab services and check the box Hide all Microsoft services. Then click on the button Disable all:

Then open the flap Startup > Open Task Manager. In the next window, right-click and then click Disable in the software you want to remove from automatic startup:

The most recommended is to initially disable all programs and restart the PC. Most likely, the message will not appear. Now, reactivate the programs one by one and restart the computer each time to identify which software is causing the problem. In general, this program should be uninstalled.

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