How to rename on Microsoft Teams

How to rename on Microsoft Teams

Depending on the account you own, how to rename on Microsoft Teams for each user will be different, with detailed instructions on how to change the name displayed on Microsoft Teams will help you admin to manage more efficiently, members will also correct the account name as desired.

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Service Microsoft Teams allows users to link and work in remote teams efficiently. In addition to the advanced features, the Tool also has a full range of basic features, allowing users to easily change the display name after creating a Microsoft Teams account. Detail how to rename on Microsoft Teams will be shared in the content below.

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Rename display on Microsoft Teams

Instructions on how to rename on Microsoft Teams

1. Where the user is a member
Step 1: First, log in to the desktop of Microsoft Teams. In this example, Taimienphi will perform login to Microsoft Teams browser interface over the link Here.
Step 2: After completing the login, on the main desktop interface of Microsoft Teams browser, click on the avatar icon, then select Edit profile .

Microsoft teams 2

Step 3: In the window Edit profile , friend Enter a new display name . Also you can Download or Delete avatar here. Once done, click Save .

Microsoft teams 3

The system will take note of the change immediately. The renaming process that shows up on Microsoft Teams when you own a member account is very simple.

Microsoft teams 4

2. Where the guest user is
If you have a guest account, there is currently no way to change your name on Microsoft Teams. The only solution is to contact your Administrator to have the changes made.
Step 1: Login with the Administrator account to the Azure portal site via the link Here
Step 2: Enter your account name login, then select Next .

Microsoft teams 5

Step 3:Enter password account then press Log in .

Microsoft teams 6

Step 4: The system will ask if you want keep login , press Have or Are not depending on needs.

Microsoft teams 7

Step 5: In the working screen of Microsoft Aruze You enter the keyword “Aruze Active Directory ” and choose Aruze Active Directory in the list of results.

Microsoft teams 8

Step 6: Next, you click on the item Users in the menu section on the left side of the screen.

Microsoft teams 9

Step 7: Continue to choose All Users , at the Microsoft Teams account management screen, you Click on the account need to change name.

Microsoft teams 10

Step 8: Window detailed user information appears, here you choose Edit .

Microsoft teams 11

Step 9: In section Name You enter a new name for the user. Then press the button Save to save settings.

Microsoft teams 12

The username was immediately changed. The administrator can review it in the management list or the account holder can log in to check.
So, Taimienphi has finished giving you 2 ways to rename on Microsoft Teams in case you use an account Member , Administrators and when you use an account Guest . Hopefully with the little tips shared, users can manage, using Microsoft Teams Work more efficiently.


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