How to rename Facebook on phone and computer

How to rename Facebook on phone and computer

Facebook allows you to change the name instead of the old name on any device like phone, computer, refresh your profile with a nice, impressive name. However, the interface of Facebook on computer is different from that of phones, so the way of renaming Facebook on phones and computers is also different.

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In previous articles we had the opportunity to show you how Change Facebook display name On the computer, in this article we would like to introduce to you another trick on facebook that is renaming facebook on the phone, you guys follow offline.

the fastest, simple, simple Facebook name

How to rename Facebook, how to rename Facebook on phones, computers

1. Rename Facebook on phone
1.1 Operation on Android
1.2 How to do it on iPhone

2. Rename Facebook On Computer

Rename Facebook, how to rename Facebook on the phone

To perform the change of Facebook name on your phone, readers need to update the latest version of Facebook on their phone first and proceed to log in to your Facebook account to change the name. In case users do not have a Facebook account and also want to join the largest virtual social network in the world, you can refer to the article on how to Sign up for a Facebook account on your phone that we shared before.

Download Facebook for Android here.
Download Facebook for iPhone here.
Download Facebook for Windows Phone here.
Download Facebook Lite here.

1. Rename Facebook on Android phone

Step 1: After logging in to your Facebook account successfully, in the main interface to use, you click the icon 3 dashes upper right corner of application -> then select Settings & privacy.

how to rename facebook on your phone

Step 2: Click next Setting then choose Personal information in section Account settings.

name facebook 2019

Step 3: At the section interface Personal informationyou click on the item Name and enter the new Facebook name in the available fields as shown below to change the Facebook name on Android phones. Click Review Changes to perform Facebook rename.

direct the facebook name on oppo phone

Next, you will get a preview of your new name, choose how your name will appear on your profile page -> then enter your Facebook password -> finally click Save changes to complete the name change.

how to rename facebook 1 chu

2. Rename Facebook on iPhone

Step 1: From the user interface of Facebook, you click the icon 3 dashes in the lower right corner of the application.

collection of facebook names on mobile phones

Step 2: Your personal page management interface appears, you slide down and select Settings & privacy, then click on the item Setting the list just poured down.

Huong's name is facebook ca nhan

Step 3: In the new screen, you click Personal information.

replace the name displayed on facebook ca nhan

Step 4: In the item Personal informationYou choose the item Name to go to the next step.

Register facebook name on iPhone

Step 5: Finally, click on the option Name (Name) and enter a new name in the available fields to change the Facebook name on phone.

rename facebook by 5 lan

How to rename Facebook on computers, laptops

Step 1: Login to the Facebook account you need to rename Facebook on the computer, click the icon down arrow in the right corner browser select Setting.

how to rename facebook on computer

Step 2: Under General account settings click Edit next to your Facebook account name.

The name of facebook has not been completed for 60 days

Step 3: Here you have 2 required fields Surname and Name to change Facebook name on computers, laptops. The middle name entry can be added as needed. Then press Save changes to complete the Facebook account rename step.

how to rename facebook 1 chu

After changing the Facebook name on your phone, you can go to Facebook with a new name in your personal style, of course you can apply an additional way to change Facebook avatar to choose from interesting and unique avatar pictures. to impress friends. Currently Facebook has allowed replace Facebook avatar with pictures and a short video is quite interesting.

How to rename Facebook on your phone or computer has been shared by ElectrodealPro in this article to help you change into unique names you love for your Facebook instead of using the old name as before. Also you can also see more articles on how restore Facebook messages of ElectrodealPro to retrieve lost messages.

Currently, Facebook only allows users to change the name Facebook 5 times and the time to change between times is 60 days, if you have changed the name before and want to change it but it exceeds the specified number of times of Facebook, you still You can rename Facebook 60 days in advance by sending your ID card to Facebook, after Facebook confirms it, you can easily Rename Facebook 60 days in advance Please.

Facebook, Zalo or Viber, Skype are all social networks that know how to please users, especially in support of changing Facebook information, changing Zalo information or changing Skype information to create interesting and surprise with people. other uses. However, some options when changing Facebook information can be very different from change information Zalo, Viber or Skype.
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