How to remotely connect a Mac to Windows 10 using SSH protocol

If you are using a Mac as your primary computer, it is possible to apply the ability to remotely connect to another computer. This allows you to access files and folders on your Mac from anywhere in the world.

If your second computer is a Windows machine, you can use it SSH protocol to connect remotely to a Mac. To connect a Windows PC to a Mac via SSH, you’ll first need to configure some options on your Mac. Then add a firmware on the Windows PC and they’re ready to pair.


Enable remote login on Mac

Your Mac has a feature called Remote Login allows other computers on the LAN as well as on the Internet to remotely connect to your Mac and perform tasks on it. In order to be able to SSH into your Mac from a Windows PC, you’ll need to enable this option on your Mac first.

Step 1. Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and select System Preferences.

Enable remote login on Mac

Step 2. On the next screen, find and tap the option Sharing. It will open the sharing settings menu for your Mac.

Open the share settings menu for the Mac

Step 3. The next screen will display a list of options that allow you to share the content of your Mac. Find and tick the option Remote Login. Doing this will enable remote login on your Mac.

tick the Remote Login option

Next, you need to have the IP address of your Mac. If your Windows and Mac computers are on a home network, you’ll need your Mac’s local IP address. In this case you don’t need to enable port forwarding on your internet router.

If you want to connect your Windows machine to a Mac that doesn’t share your home network, you’ll need your Mac’s public IP address. In this case, you’ll need to follow the port forwarding instructions instructed below to access your Mac remotely.

Find your Mac’s local IP

You will find your Mac’s local IP in the section Sharing that you have visited before. If you’ve closed this window, click on the WiFi icon at the top and select Open Network Preferences.

Find your Mac's local IP

Your IP address will be listed on the screen.

Find your Mac’s public IP

You can do a simple search on Google to find your public IP address on an Internet browser. Go to Google and search for My IP Address. Or you can use any other online tool to find the public IP.

Find your Mac's public IP

Google will tell you your public IP address.

Set up port forwarding on the router

If you want to remotely connect to your Mac from a Windows PC that’s not on the same local network, you’ll need to port forward on your router. This setting was done on Mac computers and routers.

Step 1. Open a new tab in your browser, type (usually, but depending on the specific address of each device) go to the address bar and press Enter. It will open your router settings page.

Step 2. When the page opens, login using the default credentials admin and admin for both the username and password.

Set up port forwarding on the router

Step 3. Click tab Forwarding at the top to open your forwarding settings page.

to open the transition settings page

Step 4. Click Port Forwarding on the next screen appears. Import 22 and 22 on both the start and the end of the gate. Then, enter your Mac’s local IP in the field LAN IP, tick Enable and click OK at the bottom.

you enter the local IP of your Mac

Step 5. Save the settings and you can exit the router management window.

Now all traffic to this IP is done on port 22 and forwarded to the Mac. The reason we are using port 22 is because that’s the port SSH uses for connections.

In each different Modem or Router brand, there will be different ways to access the management page, you can refer to the article on how to change the Wifi password to get more information.

Use PuTTY to connect to Mac

PuTTY As a supported free SSH client for Windows computers, it for Windows machines allows you to easily connect remotely to any computer via SSH protocol. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Go to the PuTTY application website, then download and install it on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Launch the app after you finish installing it. In the main interface of this tool, enter the IP address of your Mac in the box Host Name.

Import 22 into the box Port. And select SSH as the connection protocol in the section Connection type.

Finally, click Open to open the remote connection with your Mac.

connect remotely to your Mac

Step 3. Now a window will appear asking you to enter the correct username on your Mac. When finished typing, you press Enter.

Enter the correct username on your Mac

Step 4. Next, you need to enter your user account password. When finished entering the password, tap Enter.

enter the user account password

Step 5. If the login account and password are correct, you’ll be connected to your Mac from your Windows PC.

connect to Mac from PC running Windows

So the pairing process has been successful. Here are some basic commands that allow you to perform actions on your Mac.

View list of files and folders

To see a list of files and folders in the current directory, you can run the following command.


View list of files and folders

Change directory

To change the current directory in the SSH session, use the following command.

cd ‘thư mục mới’

change current directory in SSH session

View file contents

You can access the contents of the file using the SSH command as follows.

cat ‘tên file’.ext

Access the contents of the file using SSH commands

Create a new folder

SSH also allows you to create new directories. To do that, run as follows.

mkdir ‘tên thư mục’

SSH also allows you to create new directories

Create a new file

You can even create a new file remotely on your Mac from Windows.

touch ‘tên file’.txt

create a new file remotely on Mac

Delete files

To delete files on your Mac, use the following command on your PC.

rm file-name.txt

Delete files on Mac

In addition to these commands, SSH has a number of other commands that you can use to perform tasks on your Mac from your PC.


The advantage of connecting a Mac to Windows over the SSH protocol is its high security. However, the preparation process is quite cumbersome and more suitable for people with IT expertise. Anyway, this is an option and it only works highly when you have the content prepared on your Mac.

Hopefully this article will help you learn more about a new tip when using Mac in transferring data between macOS and Windows, if you have any comments or other questions related to the article, do not forget to leave a comment. in the section below.

I wish you all success!



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