How to register idol 360live

How to register idol 360live

The article details how to sign up for a free 360live idol with a salary contract on the 360live application. Through subscribing to live stream on 360live, you can earn an attractive income and have the opportunity to show off your talent and experience as a Streamer.

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360live was livestream application Online integrates the most advanced social media feature, allowing users, streamers and idols from many fields to exchange, interact and show their talents. The livetream content on 360live is not just about sharing knowledge and opinions, but also can include many other content such as product advertising, direct sales, live broadcast of events, …

If you have talent, want to register as a 360live idol but do not know the conditions and how to register, you can find the answer in the article below of ElectrodealPro.

360live idol registration

Live stream on 360live, instructions on how to register as an idol on 360live

1. Eligibility for registration as an idol on 360live

Currently, to meet the live rental needs of brands and the need to find lives with quality, novel and attractive content of users, 360live still regularly organizes recruitment sessions monthly. Live idol for chat room. This is an opportunity for young people, confident and talented 360live users to express themselves and earn extra income.

To be able to register for an idol 360live, you need to meet the following conditions:

– Requirements for appearance: Good appearance, good looking.
– Agile, active, confidently live stream, express yourself in front of the camera. Ability to actively interact to greet, attract participation, comment, and stimulate the excitement of live viewers.
– Talented on any topic such as game, beauty, fashion, travel, technology, talent in singing, dancing, …
– Have computers, phones and stable internet connection to live stream on 360live application.

2. How to register as an idol on 360live

Normally, users on 360live are quite diverse, including gamers, streamer, users, … Signing up as an idol on 360live, you will be able to earn between 500,000 and 12 million Vietnamese dong per month. .

To register as an idol 360live, you can directly register by inbox for the admin fanpage 360 ‚Äč‚Äčlive app (Click quick access Here)

After inbox, you will be registered for online casting on the 360live app and be considered to sign a salary contract if you meet the requirements.

How to make money on 360live: 360live calculates the idol’s salary based on the number of minutes of live stream on the system, the number of followers, interaction with the idol’s live stream, … This means that the live session with many participants, the more live time will be. help you earn a lot of money and vice versa.

360live idol registration 2

Facebook interface, how to post as an idol 360live

In the process of using the 360live app, registering as a 360live idol, you can learn more information about hot idols on the app, new features and how to make money on 360live through the following ways:


Group Facebook: Join the Group to learn and interact with other idols and members in the community (Link group:

Zalo: 360Live


Above, ElectrodealPro has shared with you how to register a 360live idol, the necessary conditions to register as an idol and sign a salary contract on the 360live application. Hope the information in this article is useful to you, helping you find an effective way to live stream to earn more income.
Similar to 360live, Bigo is also an application, the famous social media sharing livestream in the world, chosen by many talented young people to improve their income. If you want to find out the conditions and steps to register as an idol on Bigo, you can find out in the article on how to registered as Bigo idol by ElectrodealPro.


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