Instructions on how to reduce the size of images, compress images Online with Kraken
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How to reduce the image size, compress Online images to keep the quality

Heavy images upload, download for a long time. So you should compress the images before uploading to the internet. The way is very simple. See the instructions here.

→ If you prefer to use software to compress images, Caesium is the perfect choice.

Instructions on how to reduce the size of photos, compress images online with Kraken

Step 1: Access the Online Image Compression page under this link:

Step 2: Select how to upload images (1. Select source of images), use for free only direct download option, then choose compression mode (2. Select optimization mode). Here are 3 modes of image compression:

  • LOSSY (Recommended): This mode reduces the original image size by at least 60%, frequently at 80 to 90%, without losing image quality.
  • LOSSLESS: This mode helps to reduce the file size without changing any pixels. Use this mode when you want to retain 100% of the original quality.
  • EXPERT: This mode is designed for professional users who regularly optimize and process images. Using this mode, you can customize the quality, retain image information, and more.

Step 3: Press the button Click to upload or drag-and-drop your images here to upload photos you want to compress, or you can also drag and drop images directly into this frame. Or upload images from Box, Google Drive or Dropbox. Multiple images can be uploaded at the same time.

Once uploaded, the image will be automatically compressed, you can see the pre and post compression parameters just below the Upload box. Inside:

  • Original size: image size before compression
  • Kraked size: image size after compression
  • Savings: capacity is reduced
  • % Savings:% capacity is reduced

At this point, you press the button Download -> right click on selected image Save Image As to download images to your computer. Or download the entire image to your computer in ZIP format (Download All Kraked Files). Or you can also immediately share the compressed image directly to social networks like Facebook, Twitter. Or save photos to Dropbox (Save All Kraked Files).

Instructions on how to reduce the size of images, compress images Online with Kraken

Image tested with Kraken: 23.89% compressed

Image tested with Kraken

Good luck!!!

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