How to recover your Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo username or password

How to recover your Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo username or password

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The main internet platforms always offer simple ways for you to recover your access data.

If you have forgotten your password and / or username for your email account (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) or your favorite social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), you do not need to contact the site support team. In many cases, you can access your browser’s configuration options and verify that your account login credentials are stored there.

How to recover Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Facebook accounts on Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome, open the menu in the upper right corner of the browser and select settings. Then, go to the bottom of the page and click Advanced. In the section Automatic filling, click in Passwords:

In Passwords, all sites where you are registered with Google Chrome will appear, as well as your username and password, behind dots (encrypted). To display the password, select one of the sites and click Show:

What to do if you forgot your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Facebook login and / or password in Firefox

If you use Firefox, open the main menu, along the three lines, at the top right> Accounts and Passwords:

The browser’s LockeWise password manager will open, listing all programs / websites and passwords saved in the browser. Click the icon eye to know the password:

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