How to recover password in Gmail

How to recover password in Gmail

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Forgetting the password to access your email is common and Google offers a simple way to recover it. But, without access to the means offered and suggested by Google to receive the code to reset the password, everything can get complicated and become more difficult and time consuming to redeem the account. See how to perform these procedures.

The password problem is very common among users of Gmail or any other electronic messaging service. Who hasn’t forgotten your password at least once?

If this happened to you, go to the Gmail login page, enter your user name (email address) and click Next. Then click the button Forgot password? to be taken to the password recovery page. The first option that Google will offer is to enter the last password you remember:

If none of the options you enter are accepted, click Try another way. Gmail will alternatively give you a notification on your phone. Again, if you are unable to use this form of recovery, click Try another way:

As you request another form of recovery, Gmail presents other options, such as receiving a code at another email address or providing personal information, such as month and year of birth. The goal is to confirm your identity and prevent someone else from changing your password and using your email.

However, if you are unable to use any of the five possibilities offered by Google, it will ask you to enter your address again. The service will evaluate your password change request and will contact you within a few days:

In the example for this article, we use password recovery by sending code via SMS to the cell phone. After confirming your number, wait for the message to arrive and enter the code sent. To proceed, click Next:

On the next page, enter the new password twice. Remember that Gmail requires a password of at least eight characters:

By clicking Next, you will have access to your email account again.

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