How to record video games with Bandicam on the computer

How to record video games with Bandicam on the computer

Bandicam allows you to record any area on the computer screen or on a certain program. The software will help you perform a video recording process with a high compression ratio while maintaining the same quality as the original. How to record video game by Bandicam on the computer is also quite easy through a few simple steps.

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To record 1 match Empire or any game sent to friends and relatives, we have a lot of software that supports screen recording. Typical can be mentioned is Open Boardcaster and some other software. But above all, Open Boardcaster The software also allows recording and streaming to TwitchTV, TalkTV …

How to record video with Bandicam

How to record a computer screen video using Bandicam

However, Open Boardcaster is an intensive software so it is quite complicated to use. In addition, there are many other software that support screen video recording, but ElectrodealPro recommend using Bandicam, because this is a compact software, the operation is also very easy. In addition, you can also use FastStone Capture good Camtasia Studio to experience

Instructions on how to record videos on Bandicam


– The computer has Bandicam software, not yet, you proceed

=> Link Download Bandicam for Windows

– DirectX support software: download

=> Link Download Directx for Windows

Step 1: After installing Bandicam, click on the software

If the Bandicam installation has not been successful, follow along Install Bandicam details here

video bang bandicam

Step 2: In the tab Video. Customize keyboard shortcuts. Then choose Settings to set Video format.

how to record video in bandicam

Step 3: In Settings, choose the format AVI or MP4 optional, then adjust the video settings.

huong dan record video bang bandicam

Step 4: Setup is complete, press the rectangular icon to select the rotation area

how to record video in bandicam

Step 5: Push the button REC red to start video game recording.

video recording by bandicam

Step 6: When you want to pause press Pause or Stop to stop recording.

huong dan record video bang bandicam

Step 7: Click the File icon to open the folder containing the video files after recording.

huong dan record video bang bandicam
Above is a simple way to use Bandicam when you want to record video games on your computer. Besides, you can video recording with Snagit to do detailed instructional videos on your laptop.

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