How to record a video on the PC screen, the best laptop

How to record a video on the PC screen, the best laptop

Using specialized software for effective PC screen recording, laptop screen like Camtasia, Camstudio, Bandicam … allows you to save activities on the computer screen easily. You can follow the following article to know how to perform the video recording software below.

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Nowadays, there are many reasons to record your computer screen, laptop screen, if you want to record the computer screen while playing game, maybe you want to record video on your computer via webcam to save your action. beyond …

screen video recording

Synthesize computer screen recording software

There are many software for recording videos on your computer screen such as: Bandicam, Camtasia Studio or CamStudio, follow the content below to see the strengths and weaknesses of these softwares

Video recording software on the PC screen, the best laptop

1. Bandicam:

Bandicam is one of the best software according to user reviews, using Bandicam to help you record every action, sound, and clear picture while you are playing games without affecting the speed of the game.

How to record computer screen video

Download Bandicam here.

=> Link Download Bandicam for PC

=> See more: How to record video using Bandicam on computer The easiest.

2. Camtasia Studio:

Camtasia Studio is the software that many people believe today, Camtasia Studio not only captures screen video but also supports many video editing features such as insert captions, zoom in, zoom out … very suitable for videos. tutorial.

video recording screen laptop pc

Download and Camtasia Studio here:

=> Link Download Camtasia Studio for Windows

=> Link Download Camtasia Studio for Mac

=> See more: How to use Camtasia Studio to record a video of the computer screen The easiest

3. CamStudio:

Pros: Free, used to record computer screen operations (screen recording). Camstudio is also a screen recording software that is well appreciated by many users, allowing you to choose from a variety of recording and recording modes to create videos with the best quality. CamStudio also integrates video editing tools such as adding text, notes, inserting audio into video …

top screen recorder for mobile phone

4. OBS Studio:

is considered as a rewritten video stream software of OBS Classic program with many new features such as support for multiple platforms, equipped with a more powerful API feature set. This software has additional filters for video sources to create sharp images, noise removal tools, error correction on Windows 10 as well as various dark and light themes to choose from.

huong dan recorded video on laptop computer screen bang obs studio

Download OBS Studio here:

=> Link download OBS Studio for Windows

=> Link download OBS Studio for Mac

=> Add: Record the computer screen using OBS Studio Latest

5. ActivePresenter:

Screen recording, in addition to video recording function ActivePresenter also has an additional function of editing video and audio to give us the most perfect video.

how to record video on computer screen by phan mem

Download ActivePresenter here:

=> Link Download ActivePresenter for Windows

=> Link Download ActivePresenter for Mac

=> See more: Instructions for using ActivePresenter screen capture video here.

User guide of CamStudio screen recording software

Here is how to use the most basic screen recording software CamStudio. When using familiar software you can choose to further fine-tune the video with the options in the item Options of software.

Step 1: Download and install CamStudio here

Step 2: Start the program will have the interface as shown below.

First you choose the format after output is AVI or SWF at the button Record to Flash / AVI.

screen video recording

Step 3: To record your screen in Camstudio is quite simple, just Click the button Record (red circle icon) to start the process, if you want to pause click Pause (2 black rectangles icon).

video recording computer screen

Step 4: When you finish recording or want to end the video recording process, press the button Stop (blue square icon) you can choose where to save the file, file name and choose Save to save them.

screen video recording

Above, ElectrodealPro has helped you to list professional screen recording software that is widely used by many users today. In addition, you can refer to the instruction of recording the screen with CamStudio software and perform the same screen recording operation with other software.

video recording computer screen

Top outstanding computer video recording software

On Windows, there is a feature that many users do not know is Steps Recorder, not as picky as many other professional software, using Steps Recorder, users can easily capture and record their computer screen, If you do not know how to open, refer to the article learn about Steps Recorder for more details.

In addition, there are some other screen recording software you can refer to such as:

Cute Screen Recorder Free: Screen recording and ability to attach audio files to Video. You can also set the output parameters to output video with the best quality.

Screenr: is an online service site that helps you to record your screen with just one click, but the downside is that it can only record a maximum of 5 minutes. However, you can shoot online anytime you want without having to log in to the homepage.
Click & ShareIt: Screen recording, voice recording with just one Click.


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