How to read a subtitle file in VLC
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How to read a subtitle file in VLC

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VLC is a complete, lightweight, simple and effective multimedia player, in addition to being free and being able to read most video and audio files. It also supports subtitle files and it is very simple to make the software display subtitles for the movie you downloaded.

  • How to name files in VLC

  • How to drag the caption to VLC

  • How to add captions manually

  • Adjusting a caption

VLC is available for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. The program supports subtitles. If the subtitle file is not integrated into the media, see how to make VLC display the subtitles and you can watch a movie or series without any problems.

How to name files in VLC

The most fundamental action is to name the two files, video and subtitle, with the same name. So, it is best to simply copy the name of one to another so as not to run the risk of a typo, as in the image below:

Most of the time, this will suffice. When starting the movie playback on VLC, the program should automatically read the subtitle (SRT format) of the same name. If this is not the case, proceed to the following steps.

How to drag the caption to VLC

This is the simplest method. Open your video in VLC and drag and drop the subtitle file to the VLC interface. Captions will automatically appear on the screen.

How to add captions manually

You can also add subtitles manually. Open the video file and, on the top bar, go to Subtitle > Add a caption file:

Locate the subtitle SRT file on your computer’s storage and open it.

Adjusting a caption

If the caption appears out of sync on your video, you can easily adjust it. To do this, use the keys G and H the keyboard to move backwards or forwards, respectively, the display of the subtitles to adjust the image, audio and text match.

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