How to read a BUP file

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The BUP extension is an IFO backup file format, which contains DVD data. These files are generally used to restore damaged or accidentally deleted data. To open it, you need a compatible application. but the good news is that it can be easily opened by most media readers like VLC.

  • The BUP Format

  • How to open BUP files

The BUP Format

a BUP file is a DVD data backup file. The video can contain data to be read by media players, as well as other additional data, which can be read on a computer. The video DVD has a hierarchical organization of directories, containing video and audio data. It is usually based on the following structure:

The main directory, called VIDEO_TS (Video Title Sets) contains the video DVD files. The directory AUDIO_TS it concerns audio DVDs, but their presence is often requested by certain fixed DVD players. JACKET_PS contains the images of the DVD covers. The DVD may contain additional directories, with data that can be read on the PC.

A video DVD consists of a number of elements that are present in the VIDEO_TS directory:

a video manager (VMG – Video Manager). The VMG usually contains introductory videos and the menu that gives access to other videos (including submenus).

One or more Video titles (VTS – Video Title Sets), containing the names of the videos. The names of the videos correspond to movies, videos or albums. A title consists of a ‘set of video objects’ (VOBS -Video Object Block Sets), each consisting of:

a Control file (called VTSI – Video Title Set Information), containing the navigation data.

One or more video object (VOB – Video Object Block). The video object (VOB) is the basic element of the DVD. It contains videos, audios and multiplexed images in the format MPEG2. Thus, a VOB file can be read by a video player software, changing its extension to .MPG. The DVD specifications require that each VOB file be composed of cells representing the various video or audio clips. For example, chapters in a movie or songs in an album.

An copy of VTSI (VTSI backup). A DVD can hold up to 99 titles (VTS), each divided into 10 chapters. Typically, the folder VIDEO_TS contains three types of files, with the following extensions:

I FO containing navigation information (it corresponds to the Video Manager). VOB (Video Object Block), which contains the video stream, audio channels and subtitles for a video title. BUP (backup file), which contains a backup copy of the IFO files, in case they cannot be read:


The file called VIDEO_TS.IFO (IFO meaning information) contains the information necessary for the DVD player to display the main menu. It comes with the file VIDEO_TS.VOB containing the intro animation clip, as well as a backup file (called VIDEO_TS.BUP).

How to open BUP files

Just use a video player like VLC to play a video or movie in this format.

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