How to quickly deodorize cars in the most natural way?

How to quickly deodorize cars in the most natural way?

Your car smells very uncomfortable? This not only makes your wife and children tired, but also makes you “lose face” every time when a friend or colleague gets on the car with an expression of fear.

“Second wife” produces unpleasant odors that “hurt” his eldest wife

According to a survey, almost 99% of cars carry odors. Because the car structure is inherently a closed space, the area is small, so the ability to store odors is very high. Car smell comes from many different causes. Newly bought cars often smell like plastic, leather smell comes from details in interior compartments such as taplo, car seats … People call this “new car smell”. Gradually over time, the “new car smell” will get thinner, not as strong as the original. However, this smell still makes many people feel uncomfortable. Especially for people who are slightly sensitive, this smell will cause motion sickness, leading to vomiting, dizziness …

The new car smell makes many people feel uncomfortable

The new car smell makes many people feel uncomfortable

Used cars often have another smell, which is the smell of air conditioning. Air-conditioner after a period of operation clinging to a lot of dirt, especially the air filter. If not regularly cleaned, the cold air spread in the interior of the car interior will be accompanied by a foul odor and a fishy smell. This is one of the most common unpleasant odors in cars, also a direct or indirect cause of motion sickness.

In addition to the smell from the air conditioner, if the car has some problems in separating the spaces, the smell from the engine compartment, the smell under the car, the smell of gasoline can creep into the cabin. Another factor that also causes unpleasant odors in the car is the seat and floor mats. With new cars, seats and floor mats can produce plastic smell, leather smell, then with the old car, this is considered a “drive smell moldy – bacterial drive” if not cleaned regularly.

Hygienic car seats for a long time will produce a musty odor

Hygienic car seats for a long time will produce a musty odor

In addition to the unpleasant odors emanating from the car, the car user can also make his car “stink” unintentionally. Typically smells like cigarettes. If a car user has a habit of smoking, even when smoking has lowered the window glass, a part of the smell can still remain in the car. The same goes for the smell of food. If you eat heavily smelling foods like fried or grilled foods in the car, then the smell of food is easy to stay.

Car odor will first irritate the sense of smell, causing discomfort for both drivers and passengers. In the long term, the odor can make the driver lose focus, frustration, easily get angry, irritable … greatly affect communication. Especially the ability to stay calm to solve unexpected situations when driving will be less. As for passengers, especially your wife and children, if you are sensitive to smell, your wife and children may feel tired, headache, dizziness, worse than motion sickness, vomiting. Many of my friends have complained that seeing their wife every time they get in the car is exhausting, dull, and too heavy to vomit today.

Car odor is the main cause of nausea and vomiting

Car odor is the main cause of nausea and vomiting

Socially, a smelly car can make its owner lose its confidence. Car ownership is what helps many people to assert their status and class. But now, the car smells bad, making friends, relatives or colleagues, even superiors in the company … when getting on the car, smell the smell, will feel extremely afraid.

A friend once told me his car smells unpleasant, trying many ways but not all. Once he took a big boss to the client company for a meeting. As soon as he got into the car, the boss covered his nose with his hand, making him very embarrassed, the boss was also afraid to not speak. It’s a pleasure to meet the boss once in a while and meet the “bad luck” like that.

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Car deodorant diffuser – Deodorize effectively in a natural way

There are many ways to eliminate odors in cars. You just need to visit Google, search with some familiar keywords such as “car deodorant”, “car deodorant”, a series of articles on car deodorant will appear. However, achievements can be divided into two groups that are tips for deodorizing foods or household items. Typically, this method uses aromatic fruits, coffee beans, etc. But these methods can only eliminate the “mild” odor, not too strong. With stubborn odors, it is difficult to remove. The second way is to use specialized deodorizing equipment. In this group, the car deodorant diffuser is rated as one of the most effective deodorant, with a reasonable price.

Car deodorant diffuser is rated as effective deodorizer

Car deodorant diffuser is rated as effective deodorizer

The car oil diffuser differs using ultrasonic oil diffusion technology at 113kHz. This technology transforms the water that has been mixed with essential oils into micro-sized incense particles of only 6um. Millions of incense particles will spread quickly in the air, helping to eliminate and eliminate odor molecules remaining in the car for a long time. These fragrances have the ability to remove from the skin smell, mold smell, smell of the rig, the smell of the engine … to the smell of cigarettes, food smell, body odor …

The seeds have the ability to deodorize thoroughly

The seeds have the ability to deodorize thoroughly

Not only deodorizing, these incense particles also create a gentle, fresh fragrance for cars. Especially, because the essential oil used in the Car Diffuser essential oil diffuser is a natural essential oil, extracted 100% from nature, so make sure not to affect health. This is why it is said that car deodorant diffuser is an effective deodorizing solution based on natural therapies. Because it is a device, but it only uses water and essential oils to diffuse, deodorize.

Besides the ability to deodorize, essential oils also work to improve mental and health, essential oils can also help users feel more relaxed, refreshed, limiting motion sickness. For example, peppermint oil can improve mental, reduce fatigue, increase alertness, very suitable for the driver. Lemongrass essential oil has bactericidal and analgesic effect. Lavender oil helps prevent motion sickness, reduces stress. Cinnamon essential oil has the effect of dispelling fatigue …

Essential oils not only help deodorize, but also improve the spirit

Essential oils not only help deodorize, but also improve the spirit

Not only equipped with essential oil diffuser, car deodorizer, car oil diffuser also has built-in electrostatic dust filter. This feature eliminates bacteria and mold in the air, aiming to clean the air, helping to make the air inside the car more fresh.

I find that a lot of users are happy with this device. Because in addition to eliminating the unpleasant odors in the car, more importantly, the machine gives a gentle, pleasant aroma. Compared to the use of car water, it is only a way to overcome, but not eliminate odors completely, using Deodorant Diffuser is considered a more effective solution both in terms of performance and safety. for health.

A gentle, relaxing essential oil fragrance machine

I personally experienced this machine, and I love using peppermint oil. The minty scent feels cool, soothing and relaxing, but it still helps keep me alert and focused while driving. Especially menthol also has another effect that few people know is chasing insects. If you use peppermint oil in your car, even if you open the door at night, you’re not afraid of some mosquitoes.

Some information about car diffuser essential oil diffuser

Car deodorant diffuser is quite compact in size, only 57 x 56 x 164mm (DxRxC). So when used will not occupy a lot of vehicle area. The machine uses 12V power, the capacity of 1.5W – 2W, the current of 120mA – 280mA. The plug is also a tripod design, can be plugged directly into the head of the car.

The machine has a compact size

The machine has a compact size

Machine set with 50ml volume of essential oil chamber. To use, you fill with 2 – 5 drops of essential oil to the chamber. Every hour the machine uses about 20 – 30ml of water. After 2 hours the machine will automatically turn off when the water in the storage tank is empty. The machine has two modes of essential oil spray: continuous spray and intermittent. The car deodorizer is equipped with touch control. To turn on / off or toggling between spray modes, simply touch the icon on the camera body. The nozzle and chamber are designed to be able to rotate 180 degrees, you can easily adjust in many different directions.

Can rotate 180 degrees

Can rotate 180 degrees

Be careful not to buy the wrong, poor-quality fake, diffuser essential oil diffuser

The diffuser essential oil dispenser for cars has a market price of about VND 500,000. Some sales addresses with discounted promotions also fall by only 20% to 25%. However, as I learn, there are currently quite a lot of places that sell car diffuser with very cheap price, only 1/5 of the market price, which is about 90 to 120 thousand VND. This difference is so great that I raise a question about the quality of these “cheap” products. Is it possible that there are type 2 goods or fake goods?

Ms. Huynh Trang Nhung (Hai Ba Trung District – Hanoi) shared the story of buying the wrong deodorant machine:

With tight spaces like cars, it should also have a little scent for comfort. Moreover, when I am busy, I often find it difficult to clean my car. I have used many ways such as orange peel, lemon, pineapple, coffee bag … but still not effective. The hanging bottle of essential oil I have also used, but the effect is not very good.

The Internet is full of information about essential oil diffusers, but not all can be used for cars. The type of person who likes to clean with soothing scents so I really like the smell of essential oils. So also briefly research how to choose quality oils and distinguish real oils. So I went online to search for forums for cars to buy essential oil diffusers in Hanoi.

Ordering online should not be too reassuring, but thinking it is also a prestigious place, so many people recommend it. I ordered an essential oil diffuser for 120 thousand VND. See the promotion price, but the original price up to 500 thousand is also high should think is good. But indeed, I eat bitter fruits. Up to the blue sky did not cry for all the stupid. Was wary but still could not escape the online shopping shimmering image and outside the truth completely different.

When the phone came to my hand, it seemed fragile, uncertain and I guess I would run away because of “three or twenty-one” her brother was also broken. Regret money, invest in buying a hundred thousand machine, so you have to try it, if you can remember it or not, salvage as much as you can.

It is true. It’s only been a few days since I used it. Sometimes I can spray sometimes, like it’s stuffy. At first I thought it was probably because the hygiene was not clean so it was turned off or stuffy and could not evaporate anymore. Call the online shop now for advice but no response. Determining to take a few days to see more stars. However, a week later, the oil diffuser left, unconscious, and then the heart stopped beating, with first aid she also did not wake up.

Note that even if the products you buy are similar to the models provided, the market is also very diverse. After being eaten too tricked by this, I draw that even though the product is genuine 99.9%, the quality does not know how it is, sir.

Many car diffuser dispersers are sold at very cheap prices, only one fifth of the market price

Many car diffuser dispersers are sold at very cheap prices, only one fifth of the market price

After this trick I learned the lesson! Which is how to choose a diffuser, what types are there, how are the different uses … I share so that everyone can dodge, not be cheated like me. According to my understanding, there are many types of essential oil diffusers, some for large spaces, the ones for cars, essential oil diffusers, and night lamps … Depending on the purpose of use and the space, Please choose the size accordingly.

The diffuser also has the advantage of saving essential oils, so it is popular with many people, but the downside is the higher price than the type of lights or vial hanging oil. So because of the cheap ham mentality, I bought a shoddy diffuser of inferior essential oil to use a week to buy a new machine.

The doctor should choose to buy reputable addresses, refer to the warranty. With the imported products, the information about the machine, prices are clearly listed, labels, packaging full. Again, dedicated counselors and user guides. Usually import firms have a warranty for buyers of 6 months. The diffuser I just bought has a 6 month warranty and has a full label. The seller also pledged that if there was an error due to the manufacturer, I would be exchanged the device, not one go back and not like the other online sales page. ”

Please choose a suitable car essential oil diffuser to support your car. Giving the vehicle space a pleasant scent, knocking off unpleasant odors, helping doctors to focus more on driving.

Trang Nhung’s story is just one of many cases of mistakenly buying cheap fake deodorant machines. To find out more about this issue, I took the initiative to contact Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh (an owner of an auto parts shop – Ho Chi Minh City), he said: “Deodorant oil diffuser This car currently has a line of low-cost machines that enter the market. Prices are very cheap, only a few dozen to more than hundred thousand, while genuine machines, genuine prices to 400, 500 thousand. Can see the huge difference. The appearance of this cheap machine makes genuine sellers also struggling, customers come to buy and compare, there are 90 thousand sold there, why do you sell up to 500,000 ”.

When asked more about the quality of a low-cost machine, Mr. Tinh shared: “I’ve seen a cheap machine before. Print packaging is very similar to the real machine. But the quality is different. This cheap machine has no warranty for you to use. Because the core is made from cheap components, it is often clogged, spraying a few times is clogged immediately ”.

Cheap machines often have clogged nozzles

Walking around the auto forums, I also picked up a few shares about buying a cheap car deodorant diffuser. Typically, Mr. Nguyen M. Dinh (Driver – Dong Nai) said: “The doctors bought the deodorant spraying essential oils for cars carefully, watch out to buy a knockoff. Clones are like real machines, but cheaper than real ones. I just got involved, bought 120 thousand on facebook. Buy it once a week is all spray. Phone for the shop, it only grabs something with sharp points to spray the hole. I did not listen to that. That party has no warranty. “

Cheap machines usually have no warranty policy

Buying low-quality and low-quality machines still “supports”, as in the case of Mr. Trinh V. Tu (Buying real estate – Binh Duong) is even more “heavy” when buying the wrong low-quality machines with high prices: “I buy car oil diffuser costs as much as 280 thousand, but it takes less than a month to be a “hunk of garlic”. Initially just bought very strong spray, but slowly weakened, sometimes sprayed, sometimes not. Touch control is not sensitive, sometimes pressing but it does not turn on.

Sharing about the experience of buying a genuine, quality car aroma diffuser, Mr. Tinh revealed: “You should buy at a reputable address, preferably at shops, if bought in sub-shops. For car accessories online, you should choose stores that operate for a long time. Absolutely not cheap but buy cheap machines, the current genuine market price is about 400 to 500 thousand. When buying, ask for information about the product, whether or not it is genuine, whether there is a clear warranty policy. If the product is not under warranty, it should not be purchased.

Carefully buy the wrong device at a high price

Carefully buy the wrong device at a high price

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Buy a car diffuser essential oil dispenser where is good?

Through the survey as well as comparing and comparing many addresses of the sale of car deodorant essential oil diffuser on the market, I personally have a high appreciation for the two places that sell the main automobile aroma diffuser Good price brand.

The first is Website sales website provides complete information, detailed instructions for use. Especially this address often implements the golden hour promotions. If you buy it at the right time, you will receive 20% off on the total price, and a free bottle of essential oils.

The second address is Kotada Vietnam. Despite selling online, it provides clear contact information, has a 6-month product warranty policy. Especially, there is a policy of COD delivery (collecting money on delivery), the buyer is entitled to view the goods before payment.

Unpleasant smell always brings the “sorrow” for car users. Do not let unpleasant odors turn your “love car” into a “disaster”. Hope this article can suggest you a thorough deodorant solution. Thank you for following the article. See you in the next accessory review.

Tran Quan

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