How to protect the white car paint does not worry about dullness

How to protect the white car paint does not worry about dullness

Cars painted in white are luxurious colors but have the lowest life expectancy and are prone to tarnish. But do not worry, because there is a way to protect the car paint white.

Difficulties when taking care of maintenance of white cars

The downside of white cars is very easy to get dirty and difficult to clean, for example, when the car is moving in the rain, the roads are muddy, sticky with bird droppings … even the scratches on the white car look more visible than the color cars. other. If the owner of the car for a long time does not remove stains on car paint, the white car quickly fades to color. Besides, even if the car owner has regular car care, after a while the white cars will often turn yellow ivory by oxidation. Therefore, for white cars, there should be ways to protect the car paint separately.

Rainy weather or muddy terrain will cause the white car to be dirty

Wet weather, muddy roads will make white cars susceptible to dirty, long-term effects on paint color

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How to protect the white car paint

Want to paint white cars are durable, car owners must wash the car thoroughly and use specialized car paint protection products:

  • Microfiber soft towels
  • Clay
  • Car wash soap
  • Specialized car wash water
  • Overlay

Clean cars very clean

For dirty areas that need cleaning, car owners should use specialized car wash water to clean the car. Vtoilet white car The correct way is to spray the car wash water directly on the surface of the car, let stand for 15 – 30 seconds so that the bleach can penetrate deeply into the stain. Then use a soft cloth to clean the car wash water, note the need to wipe in a fixed direction. Owners try their best to move their hands in a circle, so that the dirt will not clump together. Continue repeating the operation until the entire body has been cleaned. If you want the car to be more shiny, you can wipe it again in the opposite direction.

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Removing stains on white cars requires specialized cleaning agents

Removing stains on white cars requires specialized cleaning agents

Clean cars with clay

Sometimes, stains are so “stubborn” that detergent also has to give up, do not worry, clay will fix this. Moisten the soiled area, use 1 third of clay to scrub the surface of the vehicle from left to right and from top to bottom. Doing so will quickly make the stain disappear. The clay can be reused by kneading. this is a Car maintenance experience Very effective for stains, white stains shared by experts.

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Check your car thoroughly

To avoid white car stains, even after washing the car very carefully, you need to check again.

Look closely at the small, contoured nooks and crannies to see if there is still dirt, mud or residue.

Create a car surface protection coating

Cars will have an extra layer to help protect the main paint. Just buy the coating solution and paint yourself. If you are afraid, car owners can bring them to car maintenance centers. Do not forget to wipe the car with cotton towels and paint coating when the car has cooled.

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Use glossy wax for cars

Wax polish cars Perfect for protecting vehicle paint. Using glossy wax will help the paint last longer at least 2 years. In addition, this helps the car to have more shiny colors. Vehicle owners can use waxed polish for cars at home. First, use a cleaning tool to create a very thin wax and paint all over the body. Wait about 20 minutes to dry the wax and wipe the surface of the car with a soft cotton towel.

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