How to promptly handle the air conditioner gas leak in the car

How to promptly handle the air conditioner gas leak in the car

When you notice that the car has an unpleasant gas smell, surely the car’s air conditioner has leaked air conditioner.

Car air-conditioning systems are almost like the air-conditioning systems in your room. And similarly, the air conditioning system plays an important role in the car air-conditioning system. Air conditioning gases commonly used in cars are R134a, R12 and R22. For conventional models, the amount of gas loaded into the system usually ranges from 0.5 to 0.72 kg of gas.

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The amount of air conditioning charged fluctuates between 0.5 – 0.72 kg of gas

However, leaking of car air-conditioning gas is not a rare occurrence in older car air conditioning systems. Gas leaks can cause many dangers to the health of people in the vehicle and cost the vehicle user to repair and recharge the air conditioning. Therefore, vehicle users need to have some basic knowledge to be able to accurately catch disease and how to promptly handle a gas leak in the car.

Identification of a leaking air conditioner

With the naked eye: This is one of the easiest ways anyone who uses a car can apply. In this way, you will use your eyes to look for signs of color change in the pipes when the gas leak is large. At the same time you can also feel the gas leak through the car air conditioner no longer cold.

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Turn the air conditioner fully and still not feel cold

Use soap foam: This method helps to find out where leaks are quite quickly at the joints. But the drawback of this method is that the leakage sites must be large enough to be identifiable.

Based on physical properties: Cold gas streams have their own physical properties that can be determined such as viscous R22 gas or R21 with a characteristic odor. Thanks to these unique features, you can diagnose your car’s air-conditioning system for yourself.

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The bad smell is also caused by air conditioning gas leakage

Use a leak detector: With electronic leak detectors, it is relatively quick to find the location of the gas leak. Besides, the devices can also find small leaks that the naked eye cannot see. That will help you to maintain the car air-conditioning system better.

How to quickly handle a gas leak in a car air conditioner

First, if you smell gas in your car, you should turn off the air conditioning system as soon as possible to avoid gas leaks and open the car windows to help vent the inside of the car and let the gas out. less. Then, the car owner should take the car through the garage to check and repair and refill the air-conditioner with specialized equipment (car air-conditioning gas filling machine).

Should take the car to the garage for professional inspection and repair

When in the car maintenance garage, technicians will use the air-conditioner charger and other specialized equipment to determine the fault as well as charge the air conditioner. To be able to accurately track the technician of the repair operation, you need to understand the basic steps of the air-conditioning charging process, including:

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The technician will open up the air conditioning system and look for the gas leak in the ways described above. The technician then takes steps to fix the leak points and then performs the gas filling procedure. Next, the technician will vacuum the car’s internal gas to have no residual gas, helping to minimize system disturbance if there are 2-3 types of gas inside. In this process, technicians often have to maintain the pressure at 750mmHg to ensure and within 5 – 10 minutes for excess gas inside to drain.

Pressure must be maintained to ensure that all the gas is expelled

Next, the technician will carry out the gas charging, there will be two commonly used ways to charge gas: charging from the high-pressure side into the system and charging from the low-pressure side into the system. After the gas has been loaded, the technician will re-assemble it and turn it on for the test car engine, to check for the last time that the equipment in the air-conditioning system as well as the whole vehicle is operating stably.

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Some other small notes, for families with small children, you absolutely should not leave children under 10 years old in the car alone with or without car gas leak. If you are in a situation where it is impossible to do anything else, you should open the door slightly and never start the engine. To ensure the safety of you and your passengers, the driver absolutely should not let everyone sleep in the car to avoid lack of oxygen in the car.

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