How to prevent rats from destroying cars

Rats are rodents, can live anywhere. In which drilling cars are an ideal place for them to proliferate. And you cannot watch over them. So combining some of the following methods together can limit their penetration.

Discovering footprints or rat droppings in computer drills has always been a nightmare for many people because these are the first reasons that your drill is becoming a favorite place for this terrible destructive rodent.

Many long-time car mechanic also said that the nesting in the car is very dangerous, because not only smells, but also gnaw the wires, pipes, pipes in the car. Gnawing on wires will no longer have electrical insulation, when operating the oscillation will cause the wires to collide, causing short circuit, if in the drill there is gasoline vapor combined with electric spark, it will ignite. resulting in vehicle explosion if not stopped promptly.

According to many car wash shop owners, when they encounter these signs, drivers often tend to buy items to repel them and are often not effective, the mouse will return after a while when they have adapted to it. new environment. And to completely overcome this problem, users need to take the car to clean the drill to remove all odors to prevent this problem.


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