How to play Windows games on Macbook?

The question “how to play Windows games on Macbook” is one of the most frequently asked questions by Mac users.

Think owning a Macbook means you can’t play games? Not at all – pretty much every new game these days supports Mac. From brand new titles to remastered classics and even Windows-only titles that can run on a Macbook. So how to play Windows games on Macbook? In addition to using your Macbook as a mouse pad, continue reading this article to discover methods you can do.

Skip the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store has a ton of games including $60 AAA games like Civilization VI, short indie experiences like Oxenfree, and tiny games you’d normally find on an iPhone like Donut County. Unfortunately, the Mac App Store isn’t always the best place to buy your games. It is often more expensive than other stores, has too few new games, and sometimes lacks user reviews due to its relatively low patronage.

how to play windows games on macbook

So if you want the latest AAA games especially multiplayer games then you need to turn to a third party store like Steam. Valve’s service has been the king of game distribution for more than a decade and it has more users than any other game service, and Valve’s fat boss has been aggressively pushing games on the Mac. At the time of this writing, Steam has close to… 30,000 games that work on Mac – so if you’re wondering how to play Windows games on your Macbook, the best answer is to go for it. Steam.

But what if the game you want to play is not among those 30000 games? There are still a few ways for you.


The WINE (short for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) compatibility layer is designed to make Windows games and applications work on Linux and Mac computers, so it should be one of the answers to the question “how to do it”? who can play Windows games on Macbook”. You can use WineHQ to check the status of specific games. Learn more about using WINE to run Windows programs on a Mac here: wine/

how to play windows games on macbook

Sometimes just WINE isn’t enough, that’s why projects like Wineskin exist. Wineskin helps create wrappers (“shells”) that tell WINE how best to handle specific applications, not just games. You can download ready-made wrappers or create new ones to share with the community. Two other similar projects entirely devoted to games are Porting Kit and PlayOnMac. All of these projects are free to use and community driven.

In general WINE works quite well with many games but not all. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to run a game using WINE, especially if you have to make your own wrapper. In return WINE can be used to play both old and new games, but be prepared to face all kinds of bugs, crashes and other bugs while playing the game.

Boot Camp

So how to play Windows games on Macbook most stable? Many people will choose the solution of using Boot Camp. Here’s how to enjoy Windows games on your Mac through installing Windows on your Mac’s hard drive. This effectively turns your Mac into a Windows PC. We have detailed instructions on how to use Boot Camp in a previous article here:

how to play windows games on macbook

The main benefit of using Boot Camp is improved performance because no third party software stands between you and your game like Wine. Of course, it still has its downside: you need to restart your Macbook to get into Windows every time you want to play a game.

Use a virtual machine

Finally, there is one more option in using virtual machines. This is the gap between the two previous methods. It works best for older Windows games that don’t require powerful hardware because Macs are so expensive. By running a virtual machine on a Mac, you are running Windows right on top of macOS. This means that you will have to share available resources (processing power, RAM, etc.) between the two operating systems and make the machine work slower.

how to play windows games on macbook

The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to use the free virtualization tool VirtualBox. There are premium virtual machine software that will provide more support and better features like Parallels and VMWare. Going this route means you avoid the compatibility issues seen with WINE and the hassle of Boot Camp, but lose the power that comes from running Windows natively.

So you already know four different answers to the question of how to play Windows games on a Macbook. Hope you find a way to enjoy your favorite game.

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