How to play Carnival songs with Google Assistant

How to play Carnival songs with Google Assistant

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Revelers who wish to celebrate Carnival at home because of the pandemic have an ally at their disposal: Google Assistant. With few commands, the device plays thematic songs and chosen for that moment. Who has smart lamps can synchronize them so that they follow the rhythm of the music. Here’s how you can do that.

Although this year’s Carnival was marked by social distance and cancellation of parades, it is possible to celebrate the date and bring joy into the home with Google Assistant. On-call revelers have special content for Carnival, which can be triggered by the command “OK, Google, sing a song from Carnival”.

The idea was thought of who, even at home, wants to celebrate the date by singing and dancing to traditional songs of the moment.


How to enable OK Google

Those with Google Assistant can use the following commands to take a test:

  • Do you like Carnaval?
  • What are your plans for Carnival?
  • How is your Carnival going?
  • Create a samba school storyline
  • Create a Carnival block name
  • Where are you going at Carnival?

This Google tool, used on more than a billion devices, also allows the user to synchronize smart lamps with the music being played. Thus, the revelry is complete! This feature is worth a try in times of isolation.

Photo: © Ugur Arpaci – Unsplash

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