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How to pack travel baggage so as not to be bothered or penalized

Yesterday saw Vietnam Airlines change the weight of baggage and change the way to calculate that many brethren talked about the difficulty of packing every time they need to fly far. I shared a little about the experiences of packing my baggage, both international and domestic, so that you can consult and follow the rules of the airlines and not be caught in the box. The airport is very troublesome.

1. Read the rules carefully, don't try to stuff things

In most cases of over-signing items that I know, this is the most obvious reason: because the passengers do not read carefully the regulations on the company's signature / serial number, or because they know but deliberately insert more with hi I hope the ground staff will be easy to let go.

Of course it is also when the staff will give it, but only with less than the specified number. For example, Vietnam Airlines gives a 23-parcel package, if you miss up to 23.5, you may still be able to travel, but if you insert it into 25-26-27 then it will of course be removed. otherwise the fan must be closed (depending on the company, the amount of the fine will vary).

As Vietnam Airlines' latest regulations are:

  • Domestic flights: 1 package up to 23 kg
  • International flight: 1 or 2 packages depending on flight, maximum of 23 packages each

If you fly Vietjet Air, of course you have to buy your checked baggage, this is easy, depending on how much you need, then buy accordingly. Also remember not to close the number of signed purchases, otherwise purchase more at the expensive airport.

You @vinhsgt add comments:
Not every VNA international flight has 2 packages. @Duy Luan
Economy class:
01 piece of hand baggage up to 12kg (formerly 01 piece of 7kg)
01 package 23kg on domestic flights, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, Australia
02 packages of 23kg on Japanese routes, connecting to the Americas

And note that the "sue" concept here is either a suitcase, or a container. If you fly VNA to your home country and you already have 1 suitcase, you will not be free of any extra boxes or suitcases, unless you can have Titanium Gold Lotus or more, there will be other incentives.

2. Is a piece of checked baggage and food and clothes must be shared?

Yes, but you can still easily separate them with ziploc bags (don't know how to call Vietnamese). This bag is a form that can pull the mouth in and out easily, and once closed, they will be very tight, so if you miss the food inside, it will not stick to your clothes. Moreover, you can wrap 1-2 layers of outer plastic bags to ensure.

You can find this bag in supermarkets if you want to find the right type of US Ziploc, which is very good, thick and easy to pull, and you can still wash the charger for reuse. If you want to be cheaper, you can buy zip pack made by Vietnam, have a wide friend at grocery stores or markets.

In addition, I also want you to try to think about whether or not you have to bring the food to the plane. There are things that you can accept to eat a little worse, or have to cook a little, but it is much more annoying than having to pack things to fly. This is up to you and, depending on the situation, remember. In most situations, I don't need to bring such food to the plane.

3. Now how much stuff does not fit in 1 package, what should I do?

Very simple: or you remove items at home, Or you Buy 1 more piece of luggage to close furniture. Simple : D The first way may seem difficult when you need to bring things overseas, so the airlines have just come up with the second way, which is convenient for you but the company has just collected money.

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Depending on the airline, the amount of money spent to buy the second package will be different, for example, if you fly Korean Air to the US, buying 1 more box will have to pay $ 100 (already free 2 barrels on international flights). From the 4th piece onwards, the price is $ 200. My experience is that when I bought more packages, I tried to pack things and put in enough money to buy the crate I bought, 100 $. Of course, don't make a mistake, remember to note the weight and size limits that airlines have prescribed (usually 23kg).

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Duy Luân

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