How to organize your Instagram feed

How to organize your Instagram feed

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Instagram is a visual social network, with photos and videos having the maximum prominence. Therefore, keeping an organized and attractive feed is the goal of many people, whether in their personal or professional profiles. To do this, you will not need to delete all of your old photos or purchase expensive software. In this article, see some tips to keep your Instagram feed totally organized and very beautiful for your personal satisfaction or to draw public attention to your business.

  • Tips for organizing your Instagram feed

  • How to organize a business profile feed

  • How to organize the Instagram feed with photos already posted?

  • Applications to organize Instagram feed

Tips for organizing your Instagram feed

The organization of a feed will fundamentally depend on your taste, as there are many ways to organize it. You can invest in photos with the same color palette, to use borders and indentations similar in the images or bet on the use of a restricted group of filters – a maximum of three – to generate an identity for your feed.

It is also worth taking advantage of the Instagram feed format itself, with three photos per line, to make it even more interesting. One solution that many people use is to always publish sequences of three photos. With this, you can keep the feed organized and at the same time allow the theme and even the aesthetics of the posts to change with each new sequence.

Below are two examples of well-organized feeds. On the left, an architectural profile whose color palette and image filters maintain a unity. On the right, the profile of a cafeteria that takes advantage of the feed format to promote its content:

How to organize a business profile feed

The general rules listed above apply to both personal and business profiles. However, companies’ Instagram pages should be aware of some other issues. Firstly, the colors used must be in accordance with the brand visual identity and, in some cases, it may make sense to position the company logo on the posts, always at a specific point.

Also, if you make posts with text on the images, remember to always use the same font. Otherwise, the feed may look rather amateurish and may not attract an audience. Finally, don’t forget that your publications – and your feed, after all – must show the style of your brand and what you offer.

Below are two more examples of Instagram profiles with organized feeds. On the left, an architecture firm that cuts out the photos to display their projects in the feed. On the right, the page of the action camera maker GoPro, which exudes the adventurous spirit defended by the brand:

How to organize the Instagram feed with photos already posted?

It is not necessary to have a zero profile to organize your feed nor is it necessary to delete your photos. If you have a messy feed and want to organize it, a very simple solution that prevents the loss of old photos is archive content that you think doesn’t match the new look your feed will have.

To do this, go to your profile and open the photo you want to remove from the feed. Now, tap the three dots icon at the top right corner. Then, from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, select To file:

Applications to organize Instagram feed

Some apps help you maintain an organized profile without having to spend on paid programs. Here are five suggestions:

  • UNUM: this application has been very successful, as it allows you to see what your profile will look like before posting, and it is also easier to test which photos should be archived and the order in which the publications should appear. In addition, you synchronize your account with the app and it offers basic performance statistics, such as gaining followers and most liked photos.

  • Lightroom: the Adobe app, creator of Photoshop, performs any photo processing procedure you want. For this, Lightroom offers one of the most complete adjustment systems on the market. Among the options are classics, such as brightness, contrast, tone, brightness, exposure, saturation, color temperature and white balance, and advanced features such as noise reduction.

  • VSCO: this editor is a favorite of users for its very intuitive interface and the possibility to edit its content in the smallest details. In addition to the basic features, it has many possibilities to insert borders and other details in the photos with a simple touch. In addition, it is possible to browse the creations of the user community and seek inspiration.

  • Instasize: editing application capable of resizing photos, creating montages and collages. You can apply filters, use frames and text with different fonts and colors, among other effects that will help you get professional-level results. In this way, it combines photo editor, montage technique and text treatment in a very simple interface.

  • Canva: this is a tip for anyone who wants to organize their business profile. The app allows you to create professional-looking graphic arts even if you have no experience with Photoshop-style software. Take advantage of the many templates offered by the application to create your publications faster.

Photo: © Lisa Fotios – Pexels.

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