How to merge PDF files online, online without software

How to merge PDF files online, online without software

In addition to using PDF file merge software, you can also do this through online tools. How to merge PDF files online is also quite easy, the processing speed is fast and above all helps you save memory space without having to install software on your computer.

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Currently, there are many specialized PDF software with the ability to integrate many PDF word processing tools such as cutting PDF files, merging PDF files, converting PDF to Word or printing PDF. However, in fact these tools do not specialize in a certain feature, and the installation capacity is quite large.

merge pdf files online

Merge PDF files online, join PDF files online without software

Online PDF merge services, online PDF file join without software will help users cut pdf files online the best, and of course, it is more convenient to read PDF documents online later. In this list of online PDF merging methods, ElectrodealPro will send readers the fastest and most effective ways to merge online and online PDF files.

Merge PDF files online, join PDF files online

first. Website merge pdf files online

Online pdf file merge websites introduced by ElectrodealPro in the general list of online PDF merge websites are all websites that allow users to quickly join online PDf for free. Not only fast online PDF merging, such online PDF merge websites also provide many other PDF-related utilities such as converting PDF to Word, compressing PDF files, converting images to PDF files or splitting files. PDF.

put pdf file online

Details of the best online PDF merge websites and user manuals of each service site, readers can find out more in the article on online PDF merge websites.

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2. Proceed to merge pdf files online

Merge PDF files online is the fastest way that you can merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file, so users can merge different PDF files into a common PDF file. Most importantly, do not have to download any software that supports splitting, cutting PDF files like Ween Free PDF Cutter, Foxit Reader or PDF Split Or Merge on your computer.

merge pdf files online

In this online PDF file merge guide, ElectrodealPro will focus on guiding you to use a famous online PDF file merge service called SmallPDF and you can completely use this service to do many things besides merging. PDF files online

Step 1: You go to the SmallPDF homepage Here
Step 2: Find and click a feature Merge PDF.

Step 3: Click the button Select files to upload files. There are 4 different ways to choose files, including: choosing from device, choosing from SmallPDF, choosing from Dropbox service and choosing from Google Drive. Although each location you save the PDF file you can choose accordingly. For example, here I choose to upload files from the device.

Step 4: Find the path to the folder containing the PDF files. Then click Open to upload files.

Step 5: After uploading PDF files, check the box Merge files. Then click on the button Choose an option.

Step 6: Here you can upload more PDF files by clicking on the item Add files. Otherwise, click the button Merge PDF files to proceed to merge files.

Step 7: The file merging process is complete, you click the button Download the file to save the file. There are also 4 file saving options, including: save the file to your device, save to SmallPDF and save to Dropbox or save to Drive. For example I choose to save the file to the device.

Select the folder containing the downloaded file and click Save.

This is a PDF file after merging with SmallPDF tool.

With two online PDF merging methods in this article, users can easily choose any online PDF file joining method that suits their personal needs and preferences.

Merge PDF files online or merge PDF files online helps you split PDF files as desired, so you can create composite PDF files easily. And it’s pretty fun that you can Read PDF documents of two fairly long PDF files in a single file.

But in reality today, cutting and joining PDF files are always two parallel tasks, split PDF file by PDF Split Or Merge or by Foxit Reader are all the ways that many users use. Among them, ElectrodealPro introduced to you the list of top 5 best PDF file collage software, and you can also use Foxit Reader or Pdf Split Or Merge to make PDF file splitting easy, advantages. These softwares are quite easy to use and their functions support users to merge multiple PDF files at the same time.

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Wish you find the best way to merge PDF files according to your needs.


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