Have you done enough to protect your car? Today, the webmaster uses a simple article to take everyone to examine whether they and their car are exposed to risks, but there is no guarantee.

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Question 1: Why insure the vehicle?

Answer: You may encounter various risks on the road, such as collision accidents and accidental self-collision. . . Wait, in order to reduce losses, we pass the risk to the insurance company. Today, the webmaster will take everyone to learn about insurance, and will also operate the online insurance process once on the spot, and present it to everyone on the screen while operating it, so that viewers will understand it better.

Question 2: Why use online insurance?

Answer: The advantages of online insurance are: 1. It is cheaper than finding a salesperson/offer counter, 2. The steps of insurance application are quick and easy, 3. Break the time/space restrictions, 4. Environmental protection, etc., and there are also lucky draws held from time to time. If you purchase compulsory insurance + optional insurance online at Cathay Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance, you can get iPhone 12, and if you purchase mandatory insurance + optional insurance online, you can participate in additional AirPods Pro. Next, the webmaster will demonstrate online insurance, and first remind the viewers that the rates in the pictures are for reference and are based on actual calculations.

Insurance types that can be insured online

The webmaster will use Cathay Property Insurance’s website as a demonstration for everyone. Why did you choose Cathay Pacific? It’s because the webmaster managed it by himself and found that compared with other insurance companies, the website of the same industry used the text on the page explaining the insurance category to be rather jerky. It takes a little thought to understand the meaning of this insurance category. Cathay Pacific uses Combining more concise and powerful text with icons will help digest information faster.

In addition, what the webmaster thinks is very good is that the webmaster himself has joined the Cathay Pacific Property Insurance LINE official account. After binding, he can quickly operate related services. For example, he can directly check the insurance policy on LINE. In addition, discounts will be held from time to time. Activities, such as successful binding, can participate in the lottery. Then the webmaster took everyone to learn about various types of insurance.

Insurance type introduction and guarantee content

Open the website, after entering the homepage, the first row menu opens, and the first item you see is auto insurance. Let’s take a look at the types of auto insurance and what it is.

  • Compulsory insurance: to protect the medical expenses of the other party’s physical injury (Supplement: The new car is already insured for compulsory insurance. You can insure any other insurance through the website before you use the road and train the car, or you can use the online Insured.)
  • In addition, if the viewer’s own vehicle is for business use (such as Uber, personal taxi, etc.), you can also insure, just click on the drop-down menu to find the corresponding vehicle type option.

  • Third party liability insurance: protect the other party’s physical injury and property damage

  • Car body insurance: According to the insurance level, corresponding to different claims scope.
    1. A: All car damages (car bumping, car bumping, natural disasters, falling objects, etc.) do not need to report proof.
    2. B: Car bumping, car bumping, natural disasters, falling objects, deliberately not paying
    3. C: Only pay for car bumping
  • Excess insurance: (divided into A and B)
    1. Compensable for crashes into houses, motor vehicles, and shops
    2. Cannot be purchased separately, it can only be purchased with third party liability insurance
      Type A coverage: third person outside the car, Type B coverage: passenger on board + third person outside the car

  • Theft: loss caused by theft, robbery, or robbery.

In addition, if the audience friend’s own vehicle is for business use (uber, personal taxi), you can also insure, just click on the drop-down menu to find the corresponding option. If you take a new car as an example, like the HONDA CR-V and TOYOTA Corolla Cross that the stationmaster just bought, because they are new cars, they will be equipped with B-type car body insurance.

How to adjust the protection after one year?

Some car dealers will assist in planning insurance when handing over new cars, usually for a one-year period. After one year or if there are a few less new vehicles on hand like the station master, you can evaluate whether you need to adjust the insurance content. For example, adjust from the part of car body insurance, because the payment of car body insurance is related to the age of the vehicle, so you can evaluate the adjustment from type B car body insurance to type C car body insurance, and let readers evaluate the theft insurance by themselves. After all, there is security or peace of mind.

Situational simulation

After reading these introductions, you still don’t have a clue, it’s okay. The webmaster has carefully sorted out the insurance package that suits you.

  • Those who are just holding a new car and pursuing perfection can refer to Package A (compulsory insurance + third party liability insurance + car body type A/B + excess + theft)

  • If you are not so sure of your driving skills, you can use package B, which focuses on compensation for others (compulsory insurance + third party liability insurance + car body type B + higher excess)

  • If the driving skills are very proficient and the vehicle is too old, you can match C package (compulsory insurance + third party liability insurance)

to sum up

The above is the webmaster to help you sort out the relevant knowledge for car insurance. It is much more convenient to apply for insurance now. In the past, it was only possible to run the process slowly through paper or phone. Now the network can be processed with one click and one click, which saves a lot of time. , And let everyone know that you can do a good job of protecting yourself and avoid exposing yourself to risks.

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