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The process of recovering data on iPhone and iPad from iCloud backup usually takes a lot of time. However, there is a very simple way to shorten this process, which is to use ice to cool the device.

There are many different reasons that make data recovery time consuming. It may come from your Internet connection unstable. Another reason is that the iPhone's CPU must be constantly running, resulting in overheating and reduced performance.

Photos of the iPhone are sandwiched between 2 ice packs. Image: Justin Searls.

Therefore, in order to speed up the device, the most important thing to do is to keep your iPhone in a cool state so that it can achieve maximum processing performance.

According to the test of Justin Searls, Sales and Marketing Manager at Testdouble, data recovery time on iPhone is shortened by half after clamping between cold ice packs.

However, it should be noted, for older generations of iPhones, which do not support water-resistant features, users should put them in a waterproof bag to avoid the impact after the stone melts. In addition, this procedure may also have adverse effects on the life of the components.

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