How to make games for Indian players?

India has about 300 million players, and the annual revenue growth rate of the game market is close to 43%. Not long ago, the Indian game company Orange Rock Studios CEO Kasturi Rangan wrote an article to explain the characteristics of the Indian game industry. The mobile game matrix compiles and organizes the main content of the article.

The Indian game market contains huge opportunities, but it will also bring many new challenges to overseas developers. As a huge and culturally diverse country, India has 29 states, 7 central territories and 121 different languages. If overseas developers want to succeed in the Indian market, they must plan ahead and understand the market in depth.

Mobile game revenue growth

In emerging markets, mobile games are the main engine of revenue growth for the entire gaming market. In India, mobile game revenue accounted for 85% of the total game market revenue. The popularity of personal computers in India is very low, and home consoles are very expensive, so when Indian players want to play games, they often use mobile devices to play.

Considering this situation, overseas developers can enter the Indian market by releasing mobile games. These developers can transplant some old platform games to mobile platforms, such as Sega Genesis, Facebook, Kongregate, Miniclip and Gameboy. However, the development of new games for mobile platforms works better.

Remember, India is a diverse country, and all 29 states have their own language, cuisine, customs, and celebrities. Overseas developers need to fully understand the market characteristics of each region and carry out targeted localized packaging of game works. In this process, developers should hire Indian talents who are familiar with the local culture as much as possible.

Chess games are very popular among players in India

To create an immersive gaming experience, developers need to ensure that the game’s stories, scenes, or characters resonate with Indian players. For example, Indian players prefer to see characters dressed in traditional Indian clothes (rather than suits) in the game, or depict scenes of the bustling streets of India.

If overseas developers plan to translate a game for Indian players, choosing a language can be tricky. About 10% of Indians speak English, and the vast majority of Indians communicate in the dialects of their region. In India, Hindi is still the main language, and about 43% of the Indian population speaks Hindi. It should be noted that Hindi is more popular in northern India, while in southern India, people are more willing to speak dialect or English.

Free value-added model and influencer promotion

When overseas developers try to enter the Indian game market, they also need to consider the socio-economic diversity of India.

It is estimated that 55% -60% of Internet users in India are players, but unlike China, where mobile game ARPU (average income per user) is higher, this figure in the Indian market is much lower. This also means that in India, only those games with a large user base can earn considerable profits.

Through the free value-added strategy, mobile games are more likely to attract a large number of players in India. Because there is no need to spend money to buy and it is easy to get started, Indians from many different backgrounds and cultures are willing to download and play.

Indian players also play “PUBG Mobile”

Similar to the situation in other countries, if game developers want to succeed in India, they need to establish partnerships with local celebrities and influencers, especially the most influential anchors in the player circle. In India, top game anchors such as Clash Universe have millions of followers on YouTube, and have the ability to reach a game with many game enthusiasts.

Other challenges

In many ways, overseas developers should indeed consider entering emerging markets, but it also means that they must overcome a series of challenges. For example, in India, the game hall is still very popular and is the main place for many people to play games; 4G network speed is extremely slow, which prevents the game from displaying more exquisite pictures …

In any case, if overseas developers plan to enter the Indian market, the author recommends that they hire professionals who are familiar with the market, or cooperate with local companies. Developers may consider starting from a smaller market and then gradually expanding their business. In addition, they can also invite influential influencers and anchors to promote.

Source: Mobile Game Matrix


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