How to make delicious meat stock ship

How to make delicious meat stock ship

Braised meat or braised duck meat with coconut meat is a familiar dish of Vietnamese people, loved by many families. Braised pork with rich, greasy, fragrant quail eggs, thick gravy stock very well, especially in the cold season. The following article will guide you how to cook delicious warehouse meat stock, right.


  • Tasty bacon: 1 kg.
  • Coconut Siamese: 2 fruits.
  • Duck or chicken eggs: 10 fruits Quail eggs can be used, about 30 fruits.
  • Garlic, chili, sugar, fish sauce, salt, MSG, water.

Ingredients for cooking meat stock ship

How to cook meat stock

Step 1: Bacon is shaved and washed. Then cut the meat into pieces of about 3 fingers.

Step 2: Put the sliced ​​meat and marinate with 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 spoon of minced garlic, half a spoon of salt, half a spoon of MSG. Then stir it all up and let about 1 hour for the meat to infuse the spices.

Step 3: Put the eggs in a pot, pour water across the surface of the egg and cook on the stove. When the water boils, turn down the heat. Cook the newly cooked eggs and turn off the heat.

Note: When you boil an egg, you can add a pinch of salt, a spoonful of rice vinegar to the pot to quickly ripen the egg, not broken and easy to peel.

Preliminary processing of ingredients to make meat stock

Step 4: When eggs are cooked, take out to cool and peel.

Step 5: When the meat has absorbed, put the pot of meat on the stove to stir the meat slightly.

Step 6: Add coconut water until submerged meat with half a cup of fish sauce, half a spoon of MSG and a little water.

Note: You can add a few slices of chili in the warehouse together if you like spicy food.

Step 7: When the water boils, add the eggs and simmer. Turn down the heat and turn down the heat to low. When the meat is tender, turn off the heat.

Stewed meat delicious, right taste

Some notes when cooking to have delicious egg meat dishes

  • Do not turn because the meat will be broken and the eggs will be broken.
  • Do not store dry or too long because it will cause coconut water to turn sour.

If you do not like to eat eggs, then maybe just the meat store. With the same recipe and way of cooking (omitting the egg), you will have delicious meat stock.

You can manually beat the goods by sugar will make the dish more delicious and delicious. The way to win water is very simple, put 3 tablespoons of sugar into the pot and cook on the stove, over medium heat. When the sugar boils and turns brown, then pour in a bowl of water.

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