How to make delicious fruit marshmallows

How to make delicious fruit marshmallows

If you know how to make fruit marshmallows at home, this is not only a favorite for children but also a healthy snack for adults on Tet. When your baby is lazy to eat fruit, you can also try making marshmallows to supplement nutrition.

Fruit marshmallows are a favorite food for most children and are also often displayed on candy boxes on New Year’s Day. This type of candy when purchased outside the market often does not guarantee food safety for the following reasons:

  • Use chemical colors to color the candy
  • Use preservatives to keep products long
  • Usually not clear about food safety
  • Using chemical sugar instead of granulated sugar to save costs

Unlike fruit marshmallows in the market, marshmallows at home are usually quite safe for babies because they mainly use fruit and natural ingredients to flavor and color.

Not only attractive to young children, the sweet candy made by your own hands can also be made as a gift for him or her on Valentine’s Day to express affection. He will be moved to know that your love is wrapped in each candy!

If you do not know how to make fruit marshmallows at home, you will make it easy to freeze like jelly or jelly instead of preserving the toughness and toughness of the candy. You can start learning how to make fruit marshmallows at home following the instructions below.

How to make fruit marshmallows at home

how to make fruit marshmallows from passion fruit

This is a simple and time-saving way to make fruit marshmallows, which helps your child to change palate while also adding more nutrients from the fruit. You only need to prepare simple ingredients and then cook water and put in the mold to freeze and will immediately have a delicious candy.

Raw materials need to be prepared

When making fruit marshmallows, prepare the following ingredients:

  • 25g gelatin
  • 100g of sugar
  • 120ml cold water
  • Silicone molds, pots, egg whisks, etc.
  • 50ml passion fruit juice (or your favorite fruit juice)

Steps to make marshmallows from passion fruit

Your baby will get the benefits of passion fruit when making marshmallows from this fruit by following the steps below.

• Preparation of passion fruit juice

Mix lemon juice with sugar in a proportion to make the candy both sour and sweet.

– You squeeze passion fruit juice into a cup and remove the seeds and filter through a sieve to remove the residue. With other fruits like watermelon, apple, kiwi, strawberry … you can put in a blender or juicer to filter the water and then filter through the sieve to get only the juice.

– After squeezing passion fruit juice, you add a little water in 120ml prepared (about 30-40ml) to dissolve passion fruit. For fruits that need to be pressed or ground, you also add this amount of water to the fruit during the grinding process to make the fruit easier.

– After you have the juice, you put the mixture into the pan and then add sugar and use an electric whisk to stir the sugar.

• Preparation of gelatin powder

Mix gelatin powder to determine its toughness by following the steps below.

– Add gelatin powder to the rest of the water after using a little to dissolve the passion fruit.

– You just pour water into gelatin just stirring to make this powder melted and not clumping.

– Stir the dough evenly until the dough grows out, thicken and see the consistency of the liquid.

You may be concerned about whether or not gelatin is safe for your baby, but it’s actually a powder that has very few side effects. The powder is made from collagen taken in the bones, skin, tendons and ligaments of animals. According to Healthline, this part of collagen contains quite a lot of protein and amino acids that help bring many health benefits.

According to Drugbank, gelatin is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe food and free of harmful chemicals.

• Cook passion fruit juice

The passion fruit juice cooking part will greatly determine the outcome of the final product. Follow the steps below.

– Put the pan containing passion fruit juice on the stove and cook on medium heat and stir well to prevent the sugar from burning.

– Add the soaked gelatin powder to the passion fruit mixture and continue to stir your hands to make the powder dissolve and won’t stick to the pan.

– You skim the foam and wait until the water boils, then turn off the heat.

You do the same thing for other types of juice.

• Freezing candies

Passionate mixture after cooking is still very liquid, you need to pour into the tray, dried in the wind or put in the refrigerator to allow the mixture to freeze into candy.

– You put out the silicone tray and slowly pour the cooked mixture into a stainless steel mug to pour the mixture into the tray for easy.

– After pouring the passion fruit mixture on the tray, wait for it to cool and place it in the refrigerator to cool to allow the candies to freeze.

– Once the candy has frozen, remove the candy from the silicone tray and let the baby enjoy or put in the gift box to give him.

If you pull a piece of candy to a certain degree, it means you have succeeded. If you find that the candy is frozen, it is likely that you have added a lot of water and little flour so the candy is not flexible and chewy.

Note when making fruit marshmallows

Note when making fruit marshmallows

You note the following when making fruit candy to get the finished product like that.

• Do not use jelly powder instead of gelatin powder: You should not use jelly powder instead of gelatin powder because these cannot be plasticized. Gelatin is the most suitable material for making marshmallows.

• Look carefully at the brand and ingredients of gelatin powder: You can buy gelatin powder at supermarkets or in specialized cake shops and reputable. You should also note the expiry date and carefully review the ingredients to not choose products made from chemicals.

• Notice the ratio of water to gelatin powder: The water and flour must be mixed in the right ratio, not too much or too little to give the candy the flexibility you want. Usually, with 25g of gelatin, it will be mixed with a total of 170ml of liquid including fruit juice and water.

• Only use candy for 1 week: If you don’t finish the marshmallows right away, store and store them in the refrigerator for 1 week and discard them if left for longer than 1 week.

• Limit the amount of sugar added to juices: You should limit the amount of sugar in candy ingredients to help your baby build a low-sugar habit to protect health.

Although this dish is usually quite appealing to young children, it has a lot of sugar, so you need to limit your baby to eat often. You give your child too much sugar will make him more likely to gain weight, tooth decay, difficult to absorb nutrients, memory loss … Growing up also has a high risk of depression, heart disease, liver, skin worse …

• Diverse variety of fruits: You do not necessarily have to make a fruit of passion fruit, you can change the taste with other fruits such as strawberry, kiwi, dragon fruit … You can also make many fruits at once to give a gift. his half.

• Should choose silicone mold making candy: You should choose the type of silicone mold to remove candy easier after finishing the product.

The simple way to make fruit marshmallows is not only a way to encourage babies to eat fruit but also quite nutritious and safe. On New Year, this candy is also a snack when sad or chewing when talking with guests to visit the house. Fruit marshmallows are also considered a meaningful gift for Valentine’s Day, implying that both of your love will be as sweet as candies.


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