Hair elastic material for rabbit ears

How to make bunny-ear elastic hair tied to a sister on October 20

Day Vietnamese women 20 – 10 You can make a lovely handmade bunny-ear elastic band to give it to your sister. It only takes a little dexterity to turn a piece of discarded cloth into a lovely gift. You can use various colored pieces of fabric to create a unique set of hair ties.

Here is a very simple way to make bunny ears twitch.

Hair elastic material for rabbit ears

  • Soft rough fabric
  • Needle, thread or fabric glue
  • Rubberband
  • Pull, pin tape
  • A small piece of steel
  • Pencil drawing

Hair elastic material for rabbit ears

How to make bunny ears elastic

Step 1:

Cut fabric

You cut the cloth into a small piece of fabric about 10cm wide and 50cm long.

Step 2:

Apply glue to the fabric

Apply the glue to the inside, along the long edge of the cloth.

Step 3:

Stick the edges of the cloth

Stick the edges of the fabric together. If glue is not available, use sewing thread. Note that you should choose only the same color as the fabric so that the thread will not be exposed.

Then use scissors to cut off excess fabric.

Step 4:

Turn the cloth upside down

When the fabric glue dries, turn the cloth over to get the outside surface, forming a long, circular cloth.

Step 5:

Pin the tape to the elastic

You cut a piece of elastic about 8cm length and then staple the tape to one end of the elastic segment.

Step 6:

Run the elastic

Next, you thread the rubber band into the cloth. Tapes work to help you thread the elastic more easily and quickly.

Step 7:

Tie the elastic knot

Once you’ve threaded the string, tie the knot at both ends.

Seal the other ends of the fabric

Then, use fabric glue to glue the ends of the fabric together to form a complete hair elastic.

Step 8:

Cut the fabric to make rabbit ears

To make rabbit ears, cut a piece of cloth 30cm long and 15cm wide.

Step 9:

Fold the cloth horizontally

Turn the inside of the piece out, then fold the cloth in half, so that the two width edges overlap.

Fold the cloth vertically

Continue to fold the cloth in half as shown.

Step 10:

Draw an arc on the canvas

Draw an arc as shown on the cloth.

Cut the fabric into a bow shape

Then, take the scissors cut along the drawn contours, you will get a cloth with the shape of a bow.

Step 11:

Apply glue to the fabric edge

Apply glue around the edge of the bow on the front of the piece (leave the fabric at the ends of the bow).

Fold the cloth in half

Then fold the fabric in half as shown.

Step 12:

Mix the cloth and thread the steel inside

Wait for the glue to dry, turn the right side of the cloth out.

Cut a small piece of steel, thread it into the bow so that the rabbit ears can stand up. Then use glue to seal the ends of the bow.

Step 13:

Insert the ribbon inside the elastic and tie it

Slide the bow tie to hold the hair ties, then tie the knot back to form a rabbit ear.

Complete bunny ears elastic hair tie

You now have a lovely bunny-ear hair tie.

Rabbit ears elastic collection

This handmade bunny ear tie is very suitable for you to give to your sister or close friend on the upcoming Vietnamese Women’s Day 20-10.

Chun has a cute bunny-eared hair

Good luck!

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