How to make beautiful 11/20 cards for teachers and teachers

How to make beautiful 11/20 cards for teachers and teachers

Making beautiful and unique cards by yourself will be a very meaningful gratitude gift for teachers on November 20. So how beautiful is the way to make 11/20 cards? Please refer to the detailed instructions to create 11/20 cards in the article below.

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On the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11, beside the fresh flowers, the gift box definitely cannot ignore the greeting cards with sincere greetings. A card with meaningful greetings will be the warmest gratitude for teachers. In this article, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to make 11/20 cards Quickly beautiful and extremely simple graphic design tool Paint 3D is built in on computers using Windows 10 operating system.

11 beautiful jobs

Design your own beautiful and impressive 11/20 cards

How to make beautiful 11/20 cards for teachers and teachers


– A background picture as a card. You can download it 11/20 postcards
– Download wallpaper November 20 here: Download 11/20 wallpaper
– The most meaningful wishes. Refer to these 11/20 greetings for Vietnamese Teachers’ Day
– Beautiful font. Download beautiful fonts and install them on your computer.

=> Link to download beautiful fonts

Step 1: Access the folder containing the background image as a card, right-click on the selected image Open With >>Paint 3D.

Currently Paint 3D application only supports on Windows 10, for those of you using Windows 8 or 7, even want to use the Paint tool right on Win 10 to create November 20 cards is also very simple.

Refer: Create 11/20 cards with Paint on the computer

job training 20 11 dep 2

Step 2: On the interface of Pain 3D, you click on the symbol T (text) to write greetings on the card. After selecting Text, a selection will appear for you to enter the text you want to write.

job training 20 11 dep 3

Step 3: Choosing the font for text, in the beautiful Font library you can choose from many different beautiful fonts, all of which are Vietnameseized.

job training 20 11 dep 4

You can also customize for Text like size, format, color.

job training 20 11 dep 5

Step 4: Click Sticker to add lovely stickers to your cards.

job training 20 11 dep 6

Step 5: To add 3D icons, click on the item 3D library and choose the icon you want.

job training 20 11 dep 7

Step 6: Customize cards with other features such as:

Click to select Brushes to draw or write characters in the form of a brush.

job training 20 11 dep 8

Click to select 2D shapes to add 2D shapes.

job training 20 11 dep 9

Choose 3D shapes to add cubes 3.

job training 20 11 dep 10

Choose Effecs to add an effect to the card.

job training 20 11 dep 11

Choose Canvas to adjust the size of the card.

job training 20 11 dep 12

Step 7: Review the finished image and save it by clicking Menu choose Save.

job training 20 11 dep 13

Step 8: Select the format to save the file as Image.

job training 20 11 dep 14

Step 9: Click Save to save.

job training 20 11 dep 15

Here are photos of the 11/20 postcards after completion.

job training 20 11 dep 16
Above are instructions on how to make beautiful but quite simple 11/20 cards. With this Paint 3D tool you can create cards for different events like 8/3, 20/10, or Christmas holidays …

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