How to make banh chung for Tet

How to make banh chung for Tet

Vegetarian banh chung will help reduce Tet holiday when you have too many greasy dishes like spring rolls or braised pork meat. This will be a new dish you can entertain to surprise everyone.

The food on Tet holiday is delicious but greasy so it not only makes you easy to gain weight but also negatively affects your health. If you want to eat healthier Tet, you can learn how to pack vegetarian banh chung at home. This new cake has a Tet atmosphere and is more frugal and healthier than the fat cakes.

How to make green bean steamed banh chung

Recipe to make green bean steamed banh chung

The process of making banh chung is quite time consuming, but it will be the time when the whole family gathers together at the end of the year. You will need to complete the steps of finding ingredients, filling, wrapping and boiling to get the final result.

Vegan banh chung package material

You need to prepare the following ingredients to make green bean vegan cake:

  • 4kg of yellow flower glutinous rice
  • Half a can of coconut milk
  • 200g chestnuts
  • 2kg green peas
  • 1 white seaweed
  • 5 – 6 shiitake mushrooms
  • 200g lotus seeds
  • Essential spices such as ginger, salt, pepper, five spices, soy sauce, sesame oil, vegetarian oyster sauce
  • Leaf of dong, lotus leaf or banana leaf to wrap cake. You can choose which leaves are easier to find.
  • Lat tie the cake

Processing methods for baking materials

Once you have enough ingredients, you can proceed to make the cake in the following steps.

– Soak the yellow flower sticky rice overnight or for about 6 hours before starting to do it.

– Soak lotus seeds, chestnuts and green beans in warm water before one night.

– Rice after soaking enough time, you wash up and pick up damaged seeds or mixed impurities. After that, drain out the rice.

– Chestnuts and lotus seeds, after soaking, wash and place in the steamer for about 15 minutes. Then, cover the chestnuts and lotus seeds with green beans and continue steaming until the beans are soft.

– Remove the root and separate the white seaweed into small pieces.

– Cut shiitake mushroom into a boiled pot.

– You heat the pan, add cooking oil to non-fragrant ginger with five flavors. Then, you stir fry shiitake mushrooms, then continue to add chestnuts, lotus seeds, green beans and seaweed to stir fry together.

– Seasoning with a little salt and pepper, soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce, sesame oil to taste. You can season with slightly salty to harmonize with the taste of the outer sticky skin.

– Mix dry rice with few flavors, oil, salt and coconut milk.

– Wash the leaves you choose to wrap the cake and blanch the leaves over boiling water. This will help keep the green leaves looking nice and softer when wrapped.

How to pack banh chung cake

The cake packaging stage needs quite a bit of dexterity. You can prepare the cake mold so that you can package it more square.

– Apply the oil evenly on the surface of the leaf, arrange the leaves on a clean table top so that the darker side goes down.

– Place the cake mold on the leaves and then add another leaf in the center of the heart so that the leaves cover the bottom and around the mold.

– Put a layer of glutinous rice into the mold and spread evenly to the four corners of the mold. Then, you put a part of green beans on the sticky layer. Finally, you add a layer of sticky rice on top to cover the filling.

– Press the outer leaf binders into the mold so that the cake will not be exposed. Once you’ve formed the leaf, slowly remove the mold and hold the leaf sticky so that the leaf does not flake. When the mold is finished, wrap the remaining leaf edges for a complete cake.

– Use crackers firmly to make sure.

How to cook banh chung

Once you have wrapped the cake, start the boiling stage as follows.

– Prepare a large pot, then put banh chung to boil for 6-8 hours. While boiling, be careful to keep the water level across the cake. If possible, boil it with a wood stove to make it the best.

– When the bread is cooked, take it out and put in cool water to wash through the viscous layer. Then, use a heavy object to press the cake to make it square.

– Let the cake cool overnight and enjoy.

How to make vegetarian pork rib cake

Vegetarian ribs will help create more flavor for the banh chung. You can refer to how to make vegetarian pork rib cake as follows.

Raw materials need to be prepared

You need to prepare the following ingredients to make vegetarian pork pie.

  • 4kg of glutinous rice
  • 1kg of green beans
  • 300g dried mushrooms (optional type)
  • 10 pieces of vegetarian ribs
  • Essential spices such as pepper, salt, and MSG
  • Neighbor
  • 50 dong leaves
  • Lat tie the cake

Processing steps of raw materials

You can prepare ingredients you have prepared in the following ways.

– Glutinous rice cleaned and then drained.

– Green beans are cleaned, steamed and then grated.

– Soak dried mushrooms so they can be washed and washed.

– Soak vegetarian ribs, tear, fry up and fry with mushrooms.

– Mix vegetarian ribs and mushrooms, stir fry with green beans then taste to taste with pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate …

– Vo multiply into small pieces.

– Clean neighboring leaves, puree and filter the water to soak sticky rice for 20 minutes. After soaking in the water for a while, add some salt to the rice.

How to pack banh chung cake

You clean the leaves and then package banh chung as instructed in the way to make green bean vegetarian cake.

How to cook banh chung

Prepare the wood stove and start boiling the bread in the following steps.

– Arrange the cake into the pot and fill the cake with water.

– Boil the bread for about 12 hours, then take it out and wash again with cold water. While boiling, make sure you fill the pot frequently to keep the water level always below the top.

– When washing the cake is complete, you take heavy objects on the cake to be square.

– Wait for the cake to cool completely and enjoy.

Vegetarian banh chung not only helps the family to renew their taste for Tet but also healthier and safer for health. Moreover, the time to cook banh chung also helps the whole family gather together at the end of the year very warm. This is a great dish to try for you to have a happy Tet without worrying about gaining weight.


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