How to make attractive tomato jam strange mouth for skillful people

How to make attractive tomato jam strange mouth for skillful people

Jam is a year-round popular snack of Vietnamese people. There are many types of jam as well as proper processing for each type. Housewives can refer to them to make strange jam for the family. The following article introduces how to make cherry tomato jam both attractive and nutritious for the body.

Ingredients to make cherry tomato jam

  • 1 kg of cherry tomatoes
  • Alum
  • White sugar
  • Lime Me

How to make cherry tomato jam

Step 1: Preliminary processing

For the main ingredient is cherry tomatoes, when buying should choose the ripe ripe, not too soft to ensure the taste of the dish. This is a very important step in how to make cherry tomato jam. A complete dish is when it is made up of clean, fresh and delicious ingredients.

Choosing ingredients is an important step in how to make cherry tomato jam.

Choosing ingredients is an important step in how to make cherry tomato jam.

Once you have chosen to buy tomatoes, wash the skin under the water. Poke a few small holes in the fruit body to ensure the sugar level during the marinating.

Mix the lime I prepared with water. Wait for the mixture to settle, select the upper portion of water to separate.

Soak cherry tomatoes in this lime water for about 10 hours. This stage should be meticulously done, to ensure the beauty as well as the freshness of the finished product. Do not soak for too long time will result in lime flavor. Also do not take out the tomato too quickly, it will make the fruits easy to be crushed when marinated with sugar.

Take out the tomatoes and wash off the lime on the skin. After making sure the tomatoes are cleaned, put the tomatoes in the basket, spread them evenly.

Step 2: Soak alum

This is an optional step in the process of making cherry tomato jam. If you don’t like the sweetness or restrict sugar, you may not want to do this step.

  • Melt the alum and then add to boiling for about 1 and a half liters of boiling water. Wait for the water to cool and then soak the tomatoes in it for about 10 hours.
  • Take the tomatoes out, wash away all the alum.

Step 3: Marinate the sugar

When seasoning ingredients with spices, be careful to taste the finished product to taste the mouth. The recommended ratio for tomatoes to absorb enough sugar is that for every one pound of tomatoes prepared, between 350 and 400 grams of sugar would be reasonable.

The basic way to marinate is to put the tomatoes in the box and add sugar, gently shake the box to allow the sugar to soak into the fruit. Or you can also put the fruit in layers, separating each layer with a layer of sugar until the end, the sugar will seep into the small holes into the fruit.

Step 4: Boil the jam

  • Using a wide and flat bottom pot, heat on the stove until the pot is hot. Pour in a pot of 50ml water and keep boiling until boiling.

  • Place the seasoned jam into the pot of water, bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat, simmer until the sugar is mixed, thickened. In the process, gently stir the chopsticks with the ingredients in the pot, avoiding the case of tomatoes being crushed.

Boil the jam with sugar to give it a rich, sweet taste.

Boil the jam with sugar to give it a rich, sweet taste.

For those who do not like to use the sweetness, you can put about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in the pot, simmer with tomatoes. Wait until the sugar has pulled out into a malt-like thread, then you can put the saucepan on the stove. Take out one by one to a plate lined with paper.

Step 5: Hong tomatoes and preserved

There are many methods to dry out this tomato jam. Preserved by any method, as long as the jam kept fresh and usable for a long time. Either way, the jar must first be disinfected, dried to keep the jam safe.

The first way

Let tomato jam dry in the sun for about 2 days. Until you feel the tomatoes have reached the toughness, tough on each piece, then store in jars. This product may be stored under room temperature.

Preserved cherry tomato jam properly for long-term use.

Preserved cherry tomato jam properly for long-term use.

The second way

Keep tomatoes low, preferably in the fridge. Wait until the skin of the fruit is hardened, put it in the bottle, keep it in the refrigerator to use.

The third way

Another ideal way is to dry the jam in the oven for about half an hour, temperatures between 90 and 100 degrees. This method keeps jams from being used for a long time and is not damaged by preservation.

The general use limit for this jam is from 1 month to 1 and a half months. After finishing processing, you should quickly use before their quality is reduced.

How to make tomato jam is not too difficult or complicated but the finished product is very delicious, beautiful and nutritious. So why hesitate any longer without consulting the above ways to bring this tasty jam to your kitchen table?

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