How to make a simple home gym powder

Gymer needs to recharge before the start of the training session. With the question "what to eat before doing gym?", Gym powder is not a bad suggestion, so do you know how to make bean flour at home?

The principle before the start of the training is that the gymer should not be hungry to avoid exhausting during and after training. Instead of choosing high-fat, fast food, pea flour is a great solution!

Gym bean flour is known as a powder product that is ground from 5 main categories: green beans, red beans, black beans, soy beans and brown rice in an optional proportion. With the combination of the above ingredients, pea flour provides very high levels of protein and vitamins, helps to increase breasts and promote muscle growth.

Instead of buying commercially available bean powders, making your own at home is how you can best control the quality of your product, choose the ratio of ingredients to your liking, and make your own. especially choosing home-made methods saves significant costs. Here is a share of the gym powder making recipe, for reference!

Bean flour – very good drink for gym people

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

– Green beans, red beans: Should choose round seeds, whole skin.

– Black beans: Should choose seeds with uniform color, shade, uniform size, when biting intestine is not green, delicious beans.

– Soy beans: Choose a bean type, small bean size, yellow yellow, slightly distorted

– Brown rice: Choose whole grains and seeds.

Step 2: Preliminary processing

Separate each type and wash it thoroughly, then expose each type separately in the sun to allow the grain surface to drain.

Step 3: Roast the seeds

Roast separately each kind under low heat, stirring to cook evenly. Roasting seeds moderately, avoiding overheating will cause burnt seeds to be unpalatable (note that subtracting the time when the beans turn off the stove is still hot to prevent them from burning.

Each grain has different roasting time, it is necessary to base on the external characteristics along with the tasting to know, specifically as follows:

– Green beans, red beans: Beans are ripe when the green / red color of the beans turns darker, when tasted, there is no smell of the throne of raw beans anymore.

– Black beans: Roasted black beans are difficult to distinguish through the change of bean color, but when tasting or smelling the aromatic aroma is ripe beans.

– Soy beans: Beans are ripe when the beans are separated and fragrant.

– Gao brown: Ripe rice when the rice turns yellow and has a good aroma.

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<p style=Gym powder needs to be grinded after roasting

Step 4: Grind finely and store

The nuts should be fine and small after ripening, as long as you make sure that after mixing with water, the amount of residue left after drinking is just a little.

For gym powder to be used for a long time, avoid mold, the powder needs to be dried, after letting it heat, put it in a sealed bag and use it gradually. You should divide into many small bags to use gradually, this helps the dough from becoming warm after repeatedly opening the bag.

With the recipe shared above, hopefully you will be able to make your own delicious cupcakes, which will diversify your gym menu!

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