How to make a photo of "Going somewhere, Why are you back" on Facebook

How to make a photo of “Going somewhere, Why are you back” on Facebook

In addition to the way to make a photo with ElectrodealPro introduced to you before, in this article we will guide you on how to make a photo “Going somewhere, How come back” according to the latest trend on Facebook. What photo editing tools need to be used. Please follow this article together!

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Similar to previous photo creation movements like creation Certificate of pilot’s license for the old woman, grafting my face into a famous person, even though it has just appeared for a short time, the pictures “Going somewhere, Why are you back” were quickly shared by netizens because of diverse content from many funny situations humor in life.

How did I hide my hair from the whip on Facebook?

Create a photo of “Going somewhere Back then” on Facebook

Currently, this trend is spreading even more strongly when currently a number of apps on Facebook support, help you create the regime Go somewhere back then funny, interesting with just a few steps.

How to make a photo crafted Go somewhere Back then on Facebook

Step 1: Accessing the link to the Aha app on Facebook, supporting creating photo-making Here
Step 2: Aha application will display a welcome window with a message that will use some basic information on your profile to serve the photo. Press Play now .

Why did you go back to cover Di?

Step 3: In the list of photo templates on the application, you find and tap That is a bit sad story .

Designing you to cover where to go

Step 4: Gender selection in the application’s window.

Why did you come back?

Screen if an advertisement appears, press X in the left corner to turn off.

Do you cover Do is a sad story

Step 5: A content conversation template Go Somewhere Back will be automatically created, you click Share to Facebook to post on your personal page.

I covered it on Facebook, why did you come back?

Step 6: In the post window, enter a description of the image, or a comment, then click To post .

Designing him to cover Facebook Where to go
After 6 steps, you can easily create a photo of “Going somewhere, Why are you back” on Facebook quickly and hilarious. In addition, you can also refer to other fun photo creation contents in the app’s list to share the joy with your friends. Good luck.


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