How to Make a Personalized Christmas Card

How to Make a Personalized Christmas Card

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Sending Christmas cards is one of those habits that has been transformed by the internet. Today it is almost impossible to find someone to distribute physical cards to friends. On the other hand, the technology allows you to create digital Christmas cards fully personalized with the images and messages you want. See in this tip how to create yours for free.

Creating digital Christmas cards to send to your friends and family is just one of the options you have available today. If you want faster solutions, there are several card apps for Android and iOS. Other alternatives are the ready-made messages offered by many websites or even thematic stickers for WhatsApp.

However, using an image editing program to create your cards is the best option if your goal is to send fully personalized messages to those you love. In that case, check out the step by step to create a unique Christmas card using Adobe Spark, an online image editor with great features and entirely free.

Create a Christmas card in Adobe Spark

THE Adobe Spark is a very complete software that offers many models of images. Another highlight of Spark is the possibility to adjust your models to the right formats for publications on Instagram (feed and Stories), Facebook and other social networks.

To create a Christmas card, the best option is to start by clicking here to see the Christmas card templates that the program has. Just click on what you like and start editing from the template. The other option, which we will follow in this tip, is to click on Create Christmas card and start from scratch.

The first thing to do is to define the publication format (don’t worry, you can adjust it at any time during editing). In our case, we will choose the format Landscape (Landscape) for a more horizontal image:

Once this is done, Spark will ask you to choose a photo that will serve as a basis for the card. You can upload a saved photo to your computer or browse through the millions of options in the software library. For this example, we searched for christmas (use terms in English to improve your search results) and choose the image below:

The editor will open automatically. Our goal is to create a Christmas card from CCM Brazil for all our users. So, our first procedure will be to create a space for the text to be inserted.

In the menu on the right, where all Spark features are, go to the tab Background and in the section Grid, select one of the formatting options. Still on this tab, adjust the axis Border to make the image slightly contoured:

Now, we need to choose the colors that these two new parts – the background where the text will be inserted and the outline of the card – will have. Nothing more Christmas than the combination green and red, right? To make changes, click on one of the image regions and the menu will allow you to change the color.

It is possible to choose the color through a code, from the standard options offered by Spark or using the dropper. With this tool, indicated in the image below, you can select the exact shade of any part of the photo. In our case, we use the green of the leaves and the red of the balls in the image that illustrates the card:

With the bottom of the card ready, let’s insert the text. To do this, in the menu on the right, go to Add > Text. You will have some font templates available or you can simply click on Add your text to type it in. In this example, we will create two text boxes: one for the ‘from to’ and one with the message. With that, we will be able to have two different text sizes:

Finally, to make our card even more Christmas, how about inserting some themed stickers? Go in Add > Icon and search for Christmas to see only the Christmas stickers. In the example, we opted for a snowman and a Christmas tree figurine. See the final result:

In closing, in the upper right corner of the Spark interface, you can click Download to download the image to your computer or to Share where it will be possible to share the card on Facebook, Twitter or copy the website link and send it to your contacts on WhatsApp, for example:

Photo: © Pure Julia – Unsplash.

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